The Top Comic Book Design Tools for Beginners

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Have you picked up the latest Marvel comic and thought you could do that…maybe even better? If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own comic book, then you need to know how to create amazing covers and the basic elements of comic book design.

Comic books are a visual medium with a story designed around the panels. The dialog is secondary to the striking images portrayed by the heroes and villains in your comic book strip.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be the next Stan Lee or create something completely new and different, you need to be able to create the comics. These tools can help you on your journey to fame and fortune.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

If you’re looking for an overall good program that has plenty of features, then you’ll want Clip Studio Paint Pro. There are illustration and brush tools for drawing characters and backgrounds for your comic strip. There’s also a library of clipart you can use if you don’t want to create everything from scratch.

It has lots of great options, but it doesn’t have publishing tools. It’s also perfect for short form comics, but you’ll have a hard time organizing everything for longer projects.

There’s a professional version called Clip Studio Paint EX for larger projects. It’s got everything you need for professional comic publishing.

Adobe Spark Helps With Comic Book Design

One of the best parts of Adobe Spark is it’s free. You can use a comic template to take the guesswork out of creating characters, cels, and more. You can design and publish everything from one spot or write a comic.

It’s not only a template program, but lets you resize everything to share on social media or to print out. It’s not just static comics either. You can use GIPHY to create text animations or graphic videos to spice up your Kickstarter or business campaign.

The templates work great by themselves or you can use them as inspiration for your own brand new comic creations.

Adobe Spark is your one-stop shop to design a comic.

Comic Creator Studio

Many of the best comic book designers started when they were children doodling in notebooks and creating mini-comics at home. Today’s children don’t need a notebook when Comic Creator Studio is available.

It features many pre-created characters and backgrounds that let your child’s imagination run wild. It’s designed for beginners and lets you change chat bubbles and text simply and efficiently.

There are lots of props to put into the cells and backgrounds to create a full-fledged comic. There are also expansion packs to create superheroes and open up new worlds to your children.

This isn’t the choice for you if you want to draw your own characters. This is more a drag and drop utility aimed at children. It’s a great way for mom and dad to bond with the kids by creating their own comic.

Begin Your Comic Journey

Every great comic book artist started at the beginning. They learned the basics before the drew the famous characters of today. Use these tools to learn the basics of comic book design and soon you’ll be creating your own in no time.

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