When you start reading about the complexities of social security disability claims, you will understand that you have a big task before you to succeed in your claim. It can be overwhelming, and if your claim is denied, you have another round of the battle to deal with. 

 A social security disability lawyer helps you convince the social security administration that you have a need. Some people lose hope when they get a rejection later in the mail and feel intimidated by the process. Read more about these compelling reasons to hire a nationwide long-term disability claims lawyer.

Take advantage of their experience.

Hiring a social security disability attorney allows you to take advantage of their experience. The most intimidating fact is that 70% of social security disability claims are declined on the first application. More claims have been denied in the past due to poor quality of technicality and evidence. Having an experienced disability attorney to frame your proof from a legal perspective works to your advantage and boosts your chances of a successful claim.

No painstaking paperwork

Applying for a social security disability claim requires you to submit a form filled with information about your disability, work history, education, limitations, and capabilities. Gathering all this information on a not less than 40pages form is painstaking, especially for someone who is not in good health. A social security disability lawyer handles all the paperwork and takes care of the application and appeal process for you.

Understands social security jargon

First of all, you don’t understand the vast jargon used by the social security administration. Plus, they have a complex set of rules, regulations, limitations, and qualifications, not to mention all those acronyms such as SSD, SSI, SSA, VE, ALJ, etc., that you have to encounter in the process. Since you don’t understand the social security system, it is best to leave your claim in the hands of an experienced disability attorney.

Get the benefits easier and faster.

Hiring a social security disability attorney facilitates a faster claim process, and you get your benefits without much hassle on your part. The attorney does all the heavy work. A lawyer who knows the process forwards and backward can determine if your claim meets the SSA criteria and obtain medical evidence to support your disability claim. A competent disability attorney will know how to overcome a denied claim and get it approved sooner.

A legal brief can work things out.

If appealing a denied claim, an experienced disability attorney eliminates the need for a disability hearing through a compelling legal brief that outlines your arguments for benefits. If the legal brief persuades the judge, they can grant a favorable decision before your hearing, saving you money, time, and stress and getting you faster benefits.

Delegate the legal wrangling to an attorney

Suppose you are dealing with a denied disability application. In that case, chances are you will end up with a disability hearing before a judge, which can be a nerve-wracking moment for a claimant. Working with a smart social security disability attorney can make the difference between winning or losing your disability appeals hearing.

The bottom line

Working with a social security disability attorney gives you the legal representation you need to win your claim. 


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