The Importance of Planning Ahead For A General Surgery

Surgery can be a terrifying experience. It is critical to prepare for whatever procedure you are having. Consider your requirements both before and after surgery. If you are going to have surgery, you will want to give yourself plenty of time to prepare. This entails looking after your health, learning as much as possible about the process, and getting to know your general surgeon in Valhalla, NY. It is often recommended that you plan at least six months ahead of time to ensure that you stay on track. Planning ahead of time can help you have a successful procedure and a quicker recovery.

Who is a general surgeon?

A general surgeon is a professional trained to treat a wide range of surgical conditions that affect almost every part of the body. A general surgeon is frequently in charge of;

  • Managing trauma victims and critically ill patients.
  • Establishing a diagnosis and providing preoperative, operative, and post-operative care to patients.

All surgeons receive their initial training in general surgery before specializing in other fields. A general surgeon’s education ensures a solid understanding of treating various diseases.

Common general surgery procedures

The following are the various types of surgeries that a general surgeon must perform:

1. Cholecystectomy

Gallbladder removal is a surgical procedure that eliminates the gallbladder. The gallbladder is an organ that helps with digestion. It keeps the bile produced by your liver to help with fat breakdown. Cholecystectomy is a surgery used to diagnose gallstones, gallbladder inflammation, and cancer.

2. Hernia treatment

Hernia repair is the surgical adjustment of a hernia. A hernia happens when an organ or structure protrudes through a weak spot in the tissue or muscle. Hernias can result in the formation of a visible lump in the chest, thigh, groin, or navel. During a repair surgery, surgeons replace the protruding organ and then repair the weakened muscle or tissue.

3. Cancer therapies

Cancer can impact any organ in the body. Cancers of the breast, digestive system, endocrine system, and some reproductive system cancers are treated by general surgeons. Tumors and cancerous cells are removed from the body during surgery to treat cancer.

4. Anti-reflux surgery

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a commonly prescribed procedure, with more than 60 million Americans currently experiencing acid reflux symptoms. Although acid reflux is not a severe health problem, it can worsen if not treated promptly. The production of gastric acids in the stomach can cause esophageal damage and, in some cases, esophageal cancer. LINX is an excellent surgical option when non-surgical therapies and medications for reflux fail to provide relief. The device is made of titanium magnets that allow food and drink to pass easily into the stomach while preventing gastric contents from refluxing. A laparoscopic surgical procedure is used to implant the device.

Undergoing any surgical procedure, including general surgery, is a major decision that requires thorough research and knowledge before making a final decision. If you’re looking for a general surgeon, call Advanced Surgeons or make an appointment to find out more.


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