The Importance Of Cctv Drainage Investigations For Your Homes

You would never know where you are moving just by how they appear from outside. You simply need to know what runs below your house to know how long the servicings will last. A CCTV drainage investigation system depends upon the situation of the house and how long you’re going to live there.

Several methods have been used to determine any leaks in the drainage, including the water and air pressure system. If an issue has been determined, a CCTV Drainage Survey allows you to view the pipework inside for a detailed inspection.

What Is Usually Inside The Drainage Pipe?

The most common blockage in the drainage issues includes the general buildup of normal waste, tree roots, or a breakage in the drain, and these can happen at any point throughout the drainage system.

Why Is A Cctv Camera Inspection Drainage System Needed?

  • With the help of the drainage system, it is easy to detect the issue, not only for the current situation but also for any probable future issue. 
  • CCTV also helps to gather concrete evidence as to the spot of the issue and whether the blocked drainage is the owner’s responsibility. 
  • One of the preventive measures before purchasing the property evidently reveals the status of the drainage system, which is the most important system of the housing. Any faulty drainage issues that require repairs or maintenance expenditure so one can negotiate the expenses concurrent with the expenses or ask the homeowner to manage it themselves. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Cctv Drainage System?

Accuracy of diagnosis

 it helps to diagnose the problem with site evidence rather than relying on the assumptions.


 Instead of paying several times to discover the issue, one needs to pay once because there is no need to try out various methods to reduce the costs effectively. 


 CCTV inspection does not require any excavations, which is a very messy and costly affair; not to forget it takes a lot of time and the cost of this non-destructive inspection and diagnosis is minimal compared to processed excavations. 

How Does The Cctv Excavation Work?

  • This process involves the use of a water-proof, high-definition camera located at the end of a cable.
  • It is pushed down the drainage system, and the camera displays live images of the drainage system.
  • The images are then thoroughly examined by an expert to evaluate the condition of the drainage system.
  • After thorough examinations, the issues can be resolved with proper precautions.


CCTV not only has the features and benefits as described above, but they also have several inbuilt features that make them compulsory to be used underground in homes or before purchasing a property.

  • Protects property from unwanted excavations and diggings that includes repairing your lawn or removing bushes or trees that were damaged in the process.
  • Protects from any gas line breakage or leakage which could result in severe personal and property damage.
  • Protects from unnecessary costs and assumptions by giving the professionals the easy capability to analyze and record the problems in the pipes.

Since the underground piping is not immortal, a CCTV inspection of the pipes is important as it could reveal a small issue that has the potential to turn into a rather expensive mess. For instance, minor corrosion in your pipes is not always readily apparent. However, corrosion can lead to leaks or even major breaks in the future.

Therefore it is always recommended not to carry out inspections by yourself and rely on experts for your drainage system.


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