The fact to Inspect before Renting a Car in Dubai

Select a trustable rental car company

Before renting a car, you need to find a reliable company to get better services according to your satisfaction. It is critical to find a perfect rental service company, but if you can research the company from where you want to hire, you can get a better car rental service company. First of all, read the customer’s reviews who hired a car previously hired from that company. Get all the information about them before making any decision. Check rules, policies, and regulations for renting a car in Dubai. Before making a choice, read the terms and conditions.

Age limit

The legal age of driving in the UAE is 18 years old, but you cannot rent a car if you are not 21 years old. Some rental companies restricted the minimum age limit of 25 years old for some vehicles if you rent them. For renting a car in Dubai, you must need to consider these age rules.

Driving license

UAE residence must need to have a valid driving license. European or GCC driving license holders can also rent a car till their valid visa date. The tourists or visit visa holders can use their international driving license.

Obligations of renter

The renter must return the vehicle in the same condition that he received the car. The renter must return the vehicle according to contract time. In case of any defect or damage, the cost will be included in the final payment. If you want to use it for trade purposes, you must disclose the matter to the rental company. The renter must not use the vehicle for motorsport or any stunt activity. The rental must follow and accept the UAE traffic laws, including compliance with traffic light observation, alcohol/drug driving directions, and speed.

Driving outside UAE

It is prohibited if you rent a car and go outside UAE. In that case the lease company can charge penalties and fines due to go outside UAE.

Moreover, if you go outside with the rental car you need to face problem from the traffic surgeon and may get punishment for violating rules and regulations.

Inspection of vehicles

Before renting a car, the renter must check the car from stem to stern. The renter must ensure car accessories like GPS, child safety seats, seat belts, and braking systems are appropriately adjusted. Furthermore, he should inspect radiator fluids, tire pressure. If defects found, then report it to the owner at the time of renting a car.

The document wants by the company at the time of renting a car.

Some sets of documents need to provide to the lease company. They are a Passport copy, a Special driving license, an international driving license for non-GCC nationals, Auto insurance company details, Proof of income, and Proof of residence.

Some Deposit at the time of contract

At the time of renting, an amount of money needs to give as security of the vehicles. This money is used in the event of loss or damage to the car. If not, then the whole amount is credited at the finishing time of the contract.

Payment methods

You can pay rent via cash, credit card. Some companies have EMI facilities, but all the companies took security money because of damage or any destruction to the car. Some company accepts mobile banking, PayPal.

In conclusion, if you can inspect and observe everything, you can choose a better rental company from where you want to get the desired car. You can check Kia Dubai for renting cars. There are several facilities for renting a car.


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