The Do’s & Don’ts of Gifting

Getting the right gift for someone can be rewarding, but it can also be stressful – especially when you don’t know the rules of the recipient’s culture. In Indian culture, gift giving is not just a way to mark special occasions, such as holidays and birthdays, but it is also used to build and maintain relationships with others. There is a whole host of ideas that go into giving the perfect gift – from the choice of the gift to how it is wrapped and presented. If you are the recipient, you also need to know how to accept the gift politely!

To better understand what a thoughtful gift really is, we decided to consult several experts in gift giving, and we are very pleased with the results. Hopefully this helpful guide with suggestions from professionals will help you give you a better understanding of Do’s & Don’ts of gift giving


Keep it simple

Shopping for someone you don’t know can be difficult, but one that says that there are always clues as to what they want. Think about what you know about the recipient – hobbies, interests, travel, things you have, etc. Avoid anything that does not match their personal taste

Ask their friends or relatives what they appreciate

Another “do” here – ask their friends or family about what they like. If you do not spend your daily life with them, you may not notice what they do or do not want. Keeping in touch with their loved ones helps you narrow down your choices. 

Wrap it well

Wrapping is another ‘Do’ that tells a lot about your gift. If you can’t wrap it like a PRO, you can always walk into a shop and ask to wrap it. You can also take help of online videos and wrap up your gift. The wrapping paper should match the subject of the occasion. 

Remember to remove the price tag

Your loved ones should know about your deep love for you which reflects on the gift you have chosen. The money you have given for that particular should not be known to them. So, please remember the price tag. If you keep the price tag intact, it is a sign of rudeness.


Personalised gifts are the best when it comes to gifting. If you know the recipient well and is aware of his/her likings then you must go for a personalised gift. For instance, if you are planning to buy a gift for your gf then search for custom gifts for girlfriend on any reputed custom gift shop that specializes in making customised gifts. 


Don’t: break the bank

Researchers have found that gift prices do not predict recipient satisfaction. While gift-givers believe that more expensive gifts provide a higher level of thoughtfulness, those who do receive gifts tend to value gift prices and their true feelings. Taken together, these findings cast doubt on whether gift-givers can draw on their personal experience as gift-recipients to identify gifts that are meaningful to others.

Re-buying or buying second-hand items

To save time and money you may be tempted to hand over something that was gifted to you by someone else, but that’s not a nice idea. You should not give second-hand things as gifts.

The exception may be for a very close friend or family member if it allows a high-value gift to be received and you discuss it in advance. Re-gifting should be approached with caution and confidentiality – ensure that the recipient has no connection with the re-gifted item, and is in pristine unused condition. 

Do not be afraid to get something unique

As you scroll through the gift options, you may come across more unconventional items. Your recipient may not even know what they are. While some are clearly not for them, do not be afraid to offer something new to your loved one. For example, if they don’t read a certain book genre, but you think they might like the book you’ve found, don’t be afraid to pick them up. So, don’t be afraid to get something unique. 

Hope this guide helps you find the best gift for your loved ones. Make sure you follow this guide and buy your gift accordingly. Happy gifting!


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