The Concept Behind Fantasy Cricket And How To Play It

Fantasy cricket has become an invincible part of the fantasy sports world. The presence of several fantasy sports platforms and advancement of technology which provides the players with plenty of features and benefits, have held control of the sports market, particularly in India, wherein the majority of the population of the cricket fan country is highly blessed with a huge number of young people.

There has been immeasurable growth and advancement in cricket over the last two or three decades. The Indian cricket team recorded its first major achievement in the form of a 1983 World Cup victory, witnessing its popularity exploding overnight. After a few years, Sachin Tendulkar rose as the biggest star that Indian sports had ever seen. The country underwent significant changes, simultaneously taking place, flooding out in a new Era. The color TV became the most popular household item, and players gained more stardom than they would have ever imagined, and sponsors with heavy pockets began running behind Indian home-grown stars.

All of these growing changes coincided with the boom in the Indian cricket team‘s fan base, which is highly passionate about the sport and its players and welcomes the global icons with open hearts. Gradually, cricket became the talk of the town, from a small shop owner to a high-profile businessman, and even learning students started raising compelling thoughts and opinions about cricket.

But for several years, until the invention of online sports, these passionate cricket fans remained restricted to their homes and the groups where they would let their thoughts flow, from which players the teams should play to what their strategies should work, there were all kinds of opinions revolving around.

While the expansion of social media and availability give these fans a direction or a source to vent out, fantasy cricket has been one platform that has helped these passionate cricket lovers dream of being a cricket team boss. The fan who plays fantasy cricket, Is now donning several hats – he can be the captain, manager, coach, or planner, and the team is the ultimate decision-maker, whatever he wants to be.

Fantasy cricket has empowered cricket fans to bring their abundance of cricketing insight and passion and put it into something productive. After all, fantasy cricket comes with a reward, for the best performing teams chosen with utmost knowledge, care, planning and reasoning.

Even though the world of fantasy cricket is confined to the dreams of fantasy, in reality, it is the only stage where passionate cricket lovers, from all walks of life, may come together, compete with one another, be at their analytical best, show off their cricket skills and emerge winners.

Creating a fantasy cricket team includes choosing 11 players. A maximum of seven players are to be selected from one group. At last, You choose a captain and vice-captain for your team, wherein the captain scores 2x points, and the vice-captain scores 1.5x. To get started with fantasy cricket on an online portal. You must first sign up or login into a fantasy cricket platform. Secondly, choose a match that you want to play. Thirdly, create your team from the two teams playing during your selected match. At last, choose your captain and vice-captain to earn extra points, track your score, and check your winnings once the tournament completes.


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