The Common Utilization of Double sided and Adhesive tapes

Double-sided cotton paper tape for industrial use. Industrial. A wide range of substrates can be bonded with great strength and adherence. Well-suited to paste furnaces, good fit

Silicon carbide particles make up the anti-slip tape. These high-strength plastic particles are implanted in one of today’s most rigid materials, according to the adhesive tape producer. They are cross-linked and weatherproof. A number of unassembled surfaces will cling to anti-gliding tape because it is tight, sticky, and fast.

Aluminized foil tape is easy to apply, has a high adhesive and anti-aging characteristics. Quality adhesion. Aluminum foil tape is attached to all composite materials by insulating the insulating nail and restoring the damaged region. In addition, it is a key raw and auxiliary material for freezer and coolers, and a primary raw material for isolating and distributing isolation materials.

Coolers, aircraft, autos, petrochemicals, bridges, and hotels are just a few of the places where it’s used. With order to prevent temperature loss, the vapor tube is wrapped in this fabric. Our work focuses on BOPP adhesive tapes, processing tapes, and fabric tapes on both sides. A total of 130,000 m2 of space is used by our company, which employs a total of 150 people.

The use of double sided tapes

In compared to our competitors, our production scale is enormous. As a result, we’ve become one of China’s leading manufacturers of masking tape and sand tapes. As a corporation, we’ve emphasized for double sided tape manufacturer our corporate culture of ‘focused on employees’ since our inception. “To strive for the finest quality, to produce perfection, and to give our consumers” has been a recurring theme for us.

To determine whether a coating has failed is the major goal of adhesive testing There’s a chance that in a multi-layered application, a coating can fail at its interface with the substrate. If the coating fails to adhere to a particular layer, this is called a cohesive failure. There is a stronger connection between a dolly and the coated interface when using an ideal adhesive than if you were to use a standard test coating. There is no doubt that these findings are valid and meaningful. In addition, the adhesive must be pre-tested on the layer in order to make sure that it does not alter the coating’s qualities from adhesive tape manufacturer. It is recommended that this test be carried out as soon as the stick is entirely mixed and placed on the layer until the bar is fully cured. As coating qualities change, it is possible that the results will no longer be valid. Some aggressive adhesives breakdown specific layers enough, diminishing their binding force as it arrives from double sided tape maker, according to our experimental studies As soon as the new compound was fully dried, the glue reacted with the coating and increased its critical strength.

Several experiments were conducted during the PosiTest Adhesion Tester’s development cycle. Some of the data and conclusions are discussed in this Technical Note. Further experiments were designed and carried out in order to quantify these results and aid in the writing of this article.

Considerations while choosing Araldite adhesive

Araldite 2011’s suggested cure time is 24 hours for most applications. Twenty-four dolls were removed after 24 hours of therapy, and another twenty-four dolls were removed following a five-day cure.

At room temperature, Araldite has a working life of two hours, which makes it easier to use with dollies.

As the cure temperature rises from 68F to 302F, Araldite cure times can be decreased by 15 to 5 minutes. Heating surfaces and their linkages to the substratum might lead to undesirable results.


Epoxies with two-piece mixing must preserve the resin-to-hardener ratio. Araldite adhesive tubes include one plunger that allows for precise mixing. In order to maintain these proportions, the user must be careful when mixing.


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