The Best Pakistani Clothing Brands in UK    

Pakistani brands in the UK are going through something of a renaissance. Never have there been more options for consumers and more home-grown companies looking to build on Pakistan’s rich sartorial heritage.

Topping the list of the best Pakistani clothing brands in the UK is Filhaal. This company got its start after seeing how the population of Pakistani people living in Britain was rising. There was a demand from diaspora for clothing that they could get locally to supplement traditional Western brands available on the high street.

Interestingly, however, as time passed, Pakistani culture became more widespread, seeping out into the rest of the community. And now the country’s fashion is blending with that of the mainstream culture, increasing demand for Pakistani clothing even further.

Filhaal UK caters specifically to the Pakistani clothing market, something which was tremendously underserved by native, local brands. The company aims to provide customers with traditional attire and accessories for the women’s market, including both girls and adolescents. The brand is popular today because of its low prices and the high quality of its traditional apparel. Customers who shop at the store know that they can get garments that adhere to historical values of their ancestral homeland.

Interestingly, though, Filhaal UK doesn’t just cater to the Pakistani market. It also offers collections for women of South Asian origin as well, including parts of India. This makes it a popular outlet for those looking for a wider selection of garments. Hence, as a Pakistani brand in the UK, Filhaal is also cross-cultural.

So what’s on offer at Filhaal UK? Customers who shop online can buy a variety of traditional clothing from Pakistan and other areas of the subcontinent. The brand’s women’s collection includes a range of dazzling dresses that are ready to wear. These include the Azure and Aayra collection.

Furthermore, its kurta collections provide women with a variety of loose, collarless shirts to wear – great for hot days. Many of these fall below the waistline, creating an elegant, attractive look. Filhaal offers these in multiple colors, including gold and pink, with lawn-printed and dyed cambric designs.

Women can also purchase dupattas through the brand – one of the only outlets to offer this product in the UK. These are shawls traditionally worn by women in Pakistan and India. True to form, Filhaal offers a range of dupattas, most of which feature detailed, beautiful embroidery.

For those looking for trousers, the brand offers a large selection of traditional garments in a variety of patterns. The brand’s trouser lineup includes the nureh and sapphire range.

For traditional parties, Filhaal UK also offers full regalia, offering three-piece and four-piece party wear, complete with traditional embroidery and full or partial coverage of the legs, arms and shoulders.

In summary, Filhaal is one of the best Pakistani brands in the UK thanks to its unique selection of clothing. Garments are available for a range of purposes, including everyday wear, bridal, kidswear and designer options. Customers can buy clothing by creating an account or purchasing online.


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