The Best AR Apps for 2021: Augmented Reality Comes to Your Smartphone

Augmented reality allows users to experience 3D visualizations in real life. It creates the illusion that the virtual object is coexisting with the real world.

You might think that you are looking for antique furniture for your home. Photos, 360-degree views, and videos are great – but it is normal to be skeptical about whether your chosen furniture will match your decor.

AR comes in to play and gives you an AR experience. You can see how a table fits in your study or how an ottoman fits into your living room.

Does that sound good? Wanna know, What is AR Zone App? We have compiled the top 5 best augmented reality apps for iOS and android to inspire you. You can also create your AR based app using software builders.

These are the top AR apps for iOS and Android

Only a line (Android, iOS: No Charge)

Doodles have become a lot more fun. Google created Just a Line using its ARCore development tools. This allows you to bring your drawings to life with augmented reality. Just a Line was originally an Android app. However, iPhone users can also enjoy the experience with an iOS version.

You only need a smartphone, a finger and a lot of imagination to use Just a Line. Once you have created your AR masterpiece, you will be able to capture it on video and share with friends. While Just a Line is a great activity for one, it’s much more enjoyable with friends. This AR app allows you to experience augmented reality through the company of two.

Houzz (Android & iOS)

Houzz, an app that uses augmented reality to show furniture and other household items, is called “Houzz”. This app allows you to plan your home’s interior design. This app is primarily a home-improvement app. However, it also includes an ecommerce store where you can purchase products.

The app lets you take photos of any area of your home using 3D technology. It’s almost like you are actually seeing it in person. You can then add products to this image. You can choose to use the image as a couch, table, or statuette. Advanced features include the ability to view in different lighting.

Mission to Mars AR (Android and iOS)

It is quite old to step foot on the Moon. The Red Planet is now the focus of humanity’s attention. Mission to Mars offers a glimpse into what it would be like to live on Mars, and the way humanity is currently exploring the area. (Spoiler Alert: Robots do all the heavy lifting.

While there are educational videos and bits of information to read, AR experiences are much more engaging. You can gaze glumly at a rocket launch or attempt to control a frightening landing sequence. Or you can step onto Mars via a virtual portal.

It’s the best part of all, however, to fire up a scale model rover, and have it zoom around your home or street making inappropriate brrmmm sounds, completely unaware of any nearby neighbors (or Martians).

Google Maps (Free Android and iOS)

Google Maps has a more practical application because of its interest in AR. An AR mode in Google Maps is a popular feature that allows you to navigate to your destination using virtual signs and directionalarrows. This AR mode can be used over the live view of your phone to help you point the way.

YouCam Makeup (Android & iOS)

Face tuning, makeup and ageing apps have changed the way you can alter reality with augmented reality apps. YouCam is a makeup app that focuses solely on cosmetics. You can use the app even if you don’t like makeup. It will show you how you look with particular makeup products.

The real beauty of this app is the ability to choose the perfect makeup. YouCam is the app to go if you’re shopping in a mall, and want to choose a foundation that suits your needs, but not the tester kit that has been touched countless times by strangers. YouCam also lets you see how makeup will look in real life, not just at a mall counter.

Civilisations AR (Android and iOS: Free)

BBC’s Civilisations AR tie-in app is an app that links to the BBC’s Civilisations documentary series. It makes use of augmented reality to show you more than 30 artifacts from different epochs, great civilizations, and regions of the globe. Civilisations AR allows you to manage these treasures and works.

You can view each artifact in 3D using your smartphone as an AR viewer. Interactive features such as narrations and X-ray views can be viewed on the top AR apps. You can also learn more about the origins and history these cultural treasures.

Sketch AR (Android & iOS)

This AR app is made for artists. You can speed up your process if you don’t have the time or patience to draw. This app can be used as a virtual sketchbook. You can draw an image by adding circles to a piece of paper.

The app will display your chosen image on paper and allow you to trace the outline. You can achieve perfection in no time. Although this app is not meant to replace training in the real thing, it can help you learn many techniques and have a lot fun.

The Wrap-Up

You can discover a new world of possibilities by using an augmented reality app, as you can see. You just need to determine your needs and then get started.

You don’t need to know coding if you aren’t a programmer. You can use an application builder to get started.



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