The Benefits of Prenatal Care

In the U.S., over 75% of women who deliver safely begin prenatal care during the 1st trimester of their pregnancy, as per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). On the flip side, just 4.6% start in their 3rd trimester, and only 1.6% are unable or unwilling to receive prenatal care. With prenatal care, you guarantee optimal health for you and your unborn child throughout pregnancy, as well as improve your likelihood of healthy childbirth. For this reason, Dr. John Gomes and the expert OBGYN staff at the Women’s Healthcare of Garden City suggest prenatal care for all their expectant patients. Wondering what benefits you could enjoy from prenatal care Garden City? Check out this post to learn more.

Prenatal Care Addresses The Risk Of Reduced Birth Weight

Reduced birth weight is linked to a full range of dangers impacting your kid’s growth. If a kid is born weighing under five pounds and eight ounces, their birth weight is deemed low. Whereas some low-birth-weight kids are healthy, they are more prone to developing disorders like:

  • Eating difficulties
  • Difficulties gaining weight
  • Heightened susceptibility to infections
  • Other medical issues

Dr. Gomes and the OBGYN staff will keep track of your weight increase throughout pregnancy to guarantee that your kid is born at a healthy weight. Your physician will also advise you to make lifestyle adjustments that will assist your kid in developing normally. These adjustments include consuming wholemeal foods, exercising regularly, ceasing alcohol and smoking, using supplements like folic acids, or engaging in recreational drugs. Additionally, your prenatal care might entail spotting and managing or correcting any inherent medical concerns you might have, such as infections.

Prenatal Care Lowers The Likelihood Of A Premature Birth

Premature birth, defined as a baby born after 37 weeks or less of pregnancy, is one of the leading reasons for reduced birth weight. You are at a higher risk of premature birth if you smoke or drink alcohol, have a history of premature births, or have other medical concerns.

By assisting you in regaining or achieving optimal wellness, Dr. Gomes will assist you in ensuring your kid is delivered at the right time. Besides providing you with nutritional advice, your doctor will keep track of your health through regular visits. Dr. Gomes also performs ultrasounds on your kid and tests to ensure proper development.

Prenatal Care Catches Problems Early

Even though most pregnancies and births go smoothly, it is critical to identify any problems early on so that you and your kid may receive the care you require. Your doctor will conduct the necessary screenings if you have a family history of genetic conditions. Furthermore, Dr. Gomes and his team may also examine your body for other conditions that could potentially harm your kid’s health, including:

  • Anemia
  • Preeclampsia
  • Hypertension
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Stillbirth
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Depression
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome
  • Damaged neural tubes
  • Miscarriage

For top-notch prenatal care, visit Women’s Healthcare of Garden City once every month throughout the first seven months of pregnancy and twice every month for the rest of your pregnancy. However, if you are 35 years and older or have specific risk factors, Dr. Gomes might suggest more frequent checkups.

Are you pregnant or planning to have a baby soon? If so, you must factor in prenatal care throughout your pregnancy journey to ensure a safe pregnancy and seamless delivery. Call the Garden City, NY office or book an appointment online to get started today.


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