The 4 Basic Things You should Remember while Buying Door Handles

Before buying a handle lock, consider these four critical factors. Having a handle lock is a way to express your house’s character. To give your home a new look, choose an appropriate product. A primary coil can increase the value of your home by up to 30%! If you’d want to learn more about drawer slide, check out the article below!

The overall design of your home

You should approach purchasing a handle lock in the same manner as you would any other interior design work. If you’re choosing it for a specific building, think about the general motif of the building. Think about the architect who designed the room you desire. It’s also important for hinge manufacturer to consider the type of door design on which the handle lock will be installed.

For example, if you’ve chosen a conventional house style, using an inventive handle lock will not look well. In addition, a straight chrome handle lock will look out of place in a house designed with contemporary curves for door handle manufacturer .

You should also think about the type of door you have used. It’s not uncommon for people to utilize different types of doors on different levels of their homes. However, some people want the same door style across the entire house. Some people prefer to be unique. Therefore they have a variety of door designs throughout their home for drawer slide manufacturer .

Think about your door choices while you’re considering one. The chrome handle lock, for example, would be a good choice if your house has identical door designs. Do you wish to give your floors or rooms a design edge by using a distinctive handle design? Your handle lock should be the same color and finish but with multiple formats or the same procedure with several colors and finishes depending on your preference for drawer slide manufacturer .

Security at the main entrance

Handle lock improves the security of a door. A handle lock is the most secure lock to place on your main entrance if you’re worried about safety. Tubular latches are less sure.

Replacement locks and entrance sets for your home’s doors come in two flavors: handle lock or tubular style lock. Even while tubular systems are popular, it’s essential to understand why handle locks offer more security for doors in both businesses and homes before making your decision.

As a result of its ease of installation, tubular locks are pretty widespread. They are also easy to install and don’t require any specific tools or training. Despite this, handle locks offer an increased level of security.

Fact: Most home invasions occur when the strike plate in case of stainless steel handles is kicked through or hit with a heavy object. Because the lock is weakened, criminals can gain entry into your home. A tubular latch is less structurally sound than a handle lock since it has a smaller opening.

A third option is the door function.

Buy a non-turning dummy knob or lever for decorative door pulls as per a handle manufacturer . It’s also a good idea to use a keyed knob or lever for outside or higher security purposes. Keeping track of the number of entries in your home and the type of function you require will help you find a suitable product from stainless steel handles manufacturers . A handle lock has four parts:

What materials are available?

In terms of handle lock design, there are nearly infinite variations. It would help if you, therefore, were prepared to spend some time doing research. Warm homes may benefit from brass or antique bronze handle locks. Stainless steel, porcelain, or chrome hardware can be used in other cooler designs. Perhaps an interior designer might assist you in making a decision.


You need a handle lock that can survive humidity and salt if you reside in tropical climates or near the sea. 316 marine grade stainless steel is highly recommended in these situations. Sediment-resistant and long-lasting. When it comes to inside doors, satin chrome is often more corrosion-resistant than brushed nickel. When installing handle locks, please make sure they are durable and will work for the time you require them.


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