Tech and Deaddiction – How to Find a Virtual Recovery Meeting in Connecticut?

Ever since COVID-19 pandemic locked us inside our homes, all sorts of difficulties in the form of sad memories, loneliness, and grief have sprung up. Various studies and surveys conducted all around the world demonstrate an increase in the rate of substance abuse and other problems related to mental health. Needless to say, the logic behind such an increase is fathomable.

If you or your loved one relates to this, it is time to stop sweating and start acting! Don’t let the pandemic cause further obstruction in your path to recuperation. There is a wide range of local AA meetings available in Connecticut so that you can start your recovery process at home.

Anytime, anywhere

Don’t worry about the logistical equipment – these meetings can be attended from anywhere, using anything – be it a phone, laptop, or desktop. In such times, all you need for your AA meeting is access to technology!

However, in spite of this accessibility, you may have questions about knowing if you need help or how to approach the issue of alcoholism.

What are the signs you need help for recovery? 

  • There is no single, rigid criterion for you to define yourself as an alcoholic. You know yourself the best. Hence, if your mind suggests that you have a problematic relationship with alcohol, it is best to look for an open AA meeting in Connecticut or around you.
  • Isolation and boredom have become the most common descriptions of the days spent in quarantine. If you have been an addict in the past or were on the path to recovery, these can become major triggers for you. If this is your case, you can easily use an AA Meetings Locator to find and book your first meeting.

What should you know before booking your first AA meeting? 

  • Fortunately, not much! You should keep in touch with your own emotions to know the amount of help needed and look for a suitable AA meeting accordingly.

There are various types of virtual AA meetings available out there:

  1. Open meetings
  2. Closed meetings
  3. Big Book meetings
  4. Step Study meetings
  5. Discussion meetings
  6. Speaker meetings, etc.

Put in some more research on the one that will cater to your needs in the best way possible and find the most appropriate accordingly.

Does an online medium for AA meetings change your aspired recovery process in any way?

  • No. The mode of communication is the only factor that changes. The procedure stays the same, and so does the hope for a different and better life.
  • All AA meetings still follow the same rules and decorum virtually. Just make sure that you continue to adhere to them and be punctual!

How can you look for AA meetings available in Connecticut?

  • The process couldn’t be easier. Just visit and use an AA Meeting Directory to get a list of the available AA meetings in Connecticut.
  • Keeping in mind your own requirement, compare the sources and go for the one that is best for you!

The road to recovery is easy with the right support. If you want to look for a meeting near you, you should visit – the most popular AA resource on alcohol and substance addiction and get cracking on sobriety today!

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