Team 1 Revealed Token System Explained And Everything Else You Need To Know About Fifa 22 Fut Birthday 

FUT Birthday is a popular event among many Ultimate Team players, and this will continue to be the case when the time comes around in FIFA 22, as previously stated.

EA is known to be particularly generous around this time of year, offering free packs, fantastic-looking cards, and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in abundance for the FIFA Community to get their teeth into.

EA has a history of deploying a variety of fan favorites in Ultimate Team, so expect to see some tasty names in this year’s edition as well. A number of outstanding players, including Raheem Sterling, Adama Traoré, and Jamie Vardy, appeared on cards during EA’s birthday celebration last year, and we hope to do so again this year, FIFA 22 Coins also will be useful in the FUT birthday events.
Check out everything we’ve learned so far about the FIFA 22: Ultimate Team Birthday promotion.

What is the FUT Birthday celebration?

A two-week-long celebration to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the release of the first FIFA Ultimate Team, which took place in FIFA 09. It was in FIFA 14 that the first-ever FUT Birthday promotion took place, and the event has since become a staple of the FIFA Ultimate Team calendar. During the FUT Birthday promotional event, EA Sports will release a special FUT Birthday squad, as well as a slew of other special edition cards and throwback players, all in celebration of the milestone occasion. FUT Birthday Team 1 is a group of players who celebrate their birthday on January 1st. This is fantastic news!

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 1 is now available in both single and multi-player formats! The entire team is listed below:
Cristiano Ronaldo (94 points), Luis Suarez (93 points), Toni Kroos (92 points), and Allan (91 points).
Nuno Mendes Di Lorenzo (89), Jack Grealish (89), Bebou (88), Kamada (87), Torreira (87), Doku (86), and others.

Team 2’s release date has been set

Team 2’s release date has not yet been confirmed as of the time of writing, but we anticipate that it will be released by Electronic Arts on Friday, March 11, 2022, at 6 p. m. GMT, as previously predicted.

Leaks UPDATE on the 3rd of March:

Before tomorrow’s official launch, it appears that the entire FIFA Ultimate Team Birthday squad has been leaked online.


Despite the fact that no specific players have been leaked as of yet, predictions have been circulating on social media.

System of Tokens

Famous leaker @FUTSheriff claims that one new element confirmed for FUT Birthday is the introduction of a token system, which has already been used for a variety of promotional activities so far during this campaign. The token system has been used in FIFA 22 for Future Stars and Icon Swaps so far, and it has proven to be a huge hit with the FIFA 22 community. Last time, tokens could be exchanged for players or packs, providing players with something to consider when deciding how to spend their tokens wisely in the future. Let’s hope that EA does the game justice in this promotional video as well.

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