Teaching Kids to Combat Bullying- Vital Pointers

Bullying can leave deep scars on your child. Here are some tips that are necessary to teach them to combat bullying.

When your kid heads towards school it is important to teach them how to deal with bullying. It is a serious issue that is affected 75% of the school kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. Most of them will be fine with these hurdles at some point in life. But there are a few who have a risk of chronic bullying and will result in poor mental health.

Chronic bullying has three components, a difference of power between the child and the aggressor, repeated bullying every day, and a social sanctioning aspect.

Here are a few tips for parents to help their child combat bullying, may that be a victim or committer.

Encourage kids to protect the bullied

As a parent, you must know your child’s social structure in the school. If your child has a high social status, this means a lot of friends and teachers like him. You need to encourage him to stand up for children who are bullied in school. If he’s not comfortable facing the aggressor, let him tell a teacher or another trusted person about the incident.

These children in their adolescence become confident and want to do more to combat bullying the weak. You must encourage them to help their friends and other children at school.

Build Emotional skills in kids

It is important to develop emotional skills among children. This helps them to understand their feelings and why other people feel differently. As a parent, your behaviour keeps a stain on your child. Therefore, always explain why you have acted that way.

You can also encourage parents of other kids to have conversations with their children and make them know how it feels to leave someone alone and how to include those lonely kids in different activities.

Enroll kids on extracurricular activity classes.

Help your kid to master one special area that will help them to fight against the long-term negative impacts of bullying. Enroll them in different online hobby classes or offline classes that involve group activities. This makes them confident, learn social skills, and build friendships with kids of similar interests. You will find tons of options available at Yellow Class for boosting their confidence.

Be your child’s best friend.

A best friend stays with you at your worst. Try to be your child’s best friend and encourage them to make clothes friends. This will help them to do things together and spend time knowing each other. This is a great way to combat bullying.

Speak about bullying with your child’s school

You can report a bullying incident in writing to your child’s school counsellor or principal and request an investigation. They will arrange a meeting to find out great strategies to combat bullying. Almost every school in Florida has a written policy about what they will do if a bullying incident is reported, and what will be the consequences and their help in such cases.

This will help the victims of chronic bullying to find ways of getting rescued and will bring confidence to the other children in the classroom to stand against a bully.

Look for Cyber Bullying security

Online kids classes can give rise to cyber bullying. These bullies remain anonymous and parents in most of the cases are not aware of what’s going on. As a parent, you need to have full control over their digital gadgets and limit things that they can access. Also, instruct them to touch only those icons they are permitted to. Make sure you have their social media account credentials and inform them how occasionally you can access them.

Seek help from others

If as a parent you are unable to protect your child from being bullied or if your child is a bully then ask for professional help. You can talk to mental health professionals from well-known hospitals to give your family resources on how to combat such difficult situations.

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