Some Really Effective Tools to Improve the Performance of Your Application

challenging task. In this fast-paced digital landscape, developing robust and functional applications has now become a necessity for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Today, businesses rely on software applications to digitally transform their services without compromising on the quality that matters most to their customers.

When it comes to increasing the performance of the code, many developers sacrifice the security and maintainability of the code. There are many tools that developers can use to improve the performance of applications, identify the real-time runtime architecture, data analytics and reporting, and much more.

If you want to measure the performance of your applications to provide your customers with a satisfactory end-user experience, application monitoring is a great idea. With application monitoring tools, you can continuously analyze, detect and diagnose problems that slow down your app performance and uptime.

Let’s explore some of the best application monitoring tools that help your development team to come up with applications that perform smoothly and run at optimum levels.

  1. SolarWinds AppOptics

SolarWinds AppOptics is one of the best application monitoring tools that is exclusively built for hybrid and cloud-native IT environments. It is a SaaS-based application monitoring tool that helps development teams to identify performance issues so that your team can easily fix the problem.

Its auto-instrumented application service topology map gives you root cause summaries to identify the cause of service degradation, transaction traces, exceptions and much more. The full-stack visibility allows you to monitor all servers, hosts, containers and serverless environments.

The application performance monitoring tool can monitor more than 30 AWS services with a wide language support including PHP, Python, Scala, Node.js, Ruby and Java. It has more than 150 plugins and integrations that will help you monitor critical systems.

  1. Stackify Retrace

Stackify Retrace is an application performance management tool that is used by Dallas app development companies to accelerate the performance of applications. It helps developers identify issues in QA and improve applications in production environments.

From real user monitoring to error tracking, centralized logging and full transaction tracing, Stackify Retrace is packed with a number of useful features. Stackify Retrace can easily search across all of your applications and server logs to analyze log tags and structured logging.

With this tool, developers can configure and monitor automated log queries, track deployments, and identify slow dependencies. App development should integrate Stackify Retrace to the app development lifecycle and find and resolve exceptions in their code and improve the performance of software applications.

  1. AppDynamics

AppDynamics is one of the best application performance monitoring tools that can help you discover what matters most to your business so that you can take action in real-time. It gives you an in-depth understanding of users and application behavior and correlates full-stack performance with key business metrics.

AppDynamics supports different programming languages including Java, Node.js, Python, C++, PHP, and more. The automatic performance baselining can easily notify the critical issues while enabling the development team to monitor each and every line of code. To speed up your app development project and monitor the performance of your application, try AppDynamics.

  1. New Relic

New Relic is a great monitoring tool for software developers and IT professionals that enables them to come up with robust software. The tool helps you analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize the entire software stack. The observability platform can collect the telemetry data and deliver full-stack observability and AI-driven insights.

New Relic allows you to access all operational data including metrics, events, logs, and traces, and its AI intelligence and machine learning instantly explores and prevent problems. It helps development teams to improve service reliability and better understand the digital systems to deliver perfect, functional, and high-performance software to meet the needs of end-users.

  1. Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is an application monitoring service exclusively built for software developers, DevOps, IT managers and site reliability engineers. With this tool, you can get actionable insights, monitor your applications, detect anomalous behavior in IT environments, and visualize logs.

Amazon CloudWatch is packed with features that make it super easier to monitor your AWS resources and applications. It enables you to troubleshoot issues and take automated actions to make sure your applications run smoothly. The monitoring service helps you analyze, visualize and correlate so that you can easily respond to issues and accelerate the debugging process for your applications.

  1. ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine Application Manager is an application performance monitoring tool that can make it possible to improve the performance of your business applications and infrastructure components. With this amazing application manager, you can quickly resolve performance issues to make sure the app gives the best possible experience to end-users. From the URL to the line of code, you can easily identify the performance issues of the entire application stack.

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, Application Manager is a great choice to improve and automate DevOps processes to deliver the best possible business outcome. It helps you optimize application usage and revenue, detect issues and respond to issues faster. With Machine Engine Application Manager, you can make sure your applications deliver a great user experience and successfully meet business goals.

  1. Riverbed

Riverbed is an application performance and management tool that is designed to help IT, teams, to overcome the challenges of insufficient visibility and improve application performance. Your team can deliver the fastest and reliable SaaS, cloud, and on-premises products to any users regardless of the location and network type. Riverbed is packed with many amazing features including real-time performance tracking, error tracking, error management, bug searching, end-user monitoring, and much more.

  1. Sematext

Sematext is an application performance monitoring tool that helps software developers, app developers, and IT professionals to monitor application performance. With this amazing tool, you can perform synthetic API and website monitoring, optimize customer satisfaction, real user monitoring, distributed transaction tracing, and log monitoring.

Identify the slow and suboptimal parts of the application with its accurate and in-depth analysis. Real user monitoring can help you detect anomalies and notifies you in real-time so that you can improve front-end application performance.

With its synthetic monitoring, you can check the performance of web applications and APIs, identify the issues of third-party resources, and instantly fix the issues that affect the performance of your application.

These are some of the best application performance management tools businesses of all types and sizes can integrate into their development process. With these amazing tools, you can monitor and improve application’s performance and resolve the performance-based issues to provide the best possible user experience.



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