How To Add The Social Media Widgets Plugin To WordPress

Do you own a WordPress website? Is there lots of traffic on your website but facing the challenge of audience engagement?

You can resolve this issue by adding social media content to your website. Most of the hours, people spend their time on social media and become chronic with social media content. 

Adding the same social media content on your website will give your audience a new reason to stay on your website and engage with your content. 

But to embed social media content on your website requires adding a social media widget on your website. 

You might have seen many websites have placed social media icons, and some have embedded single social media posts from channels. 

Most website owners do not know about social media widgets. When they see any brand or website displaying some amazing and creatively designed social media content on the website, they usually think of it as something to do with technical or coding language. 

However, they never know that these websites are using social media widgets on their website. 

So if you are the one who has discovered this tactic, you are on your way to soon add a social media widget on your website. 


Why Add Social Media Widget On Website

#1 Boost Audience Engagement

Social media content is colorful, attractive, and eye-catching. It easily grabs the attention of people and engages them with the content. The social media widget is full of vibrant posts that may include images, videos, GIFs, etc., enhancing its power of engagement.

Displaying the social media widget increases visitors’ dwell time, which increases the audience engagement on your website.  


#2 Build Trust & Authenticity 

Social media platforms are turned into places where customers and fans of brands represent their unbiased reviews. People are free to share their opinions and create content that they find useful for other people before buying any product. 

Hence, social media channels are also becoming the search engine for people to check the reviews from the brand’s customers. 

When people see the social media content created by your customers, it will build a sense of trust in your brand. 


#3 Improves SEO Ranking

Social media widgets are responsive and easily crawlable by search engine robots. It increases unique content on your website, which is different from your competitors. It increases your chances to rank on top results on the search engine result page. 

Moreover, it will build your website’s authority with increased audience engagement and reliable content on your website. Authority is another crucial aspect of your website that helps you rank at the top of the search results. Thus, adding a social media widget to your website boosts the overall SEO ranking. 


#4 Enhance Visitors Experience

Another amazing result you will get after embedding a social media widget on your website is enhancing your website’s experience. 

Displaying social media content enhances visitors’ experience with visually appealing website design. Images, videos, GIFs, etc., will enhance the visitor’s journey on your website. 


How To Add Social Media Widget On WordPress Website

Now, it’s time to learn how to embed social media widgets on your website. When you check on the internet, embedding social media feeds on websites, several tools are available on the internet. To display social media feeds on your website, there are two ways through which you can do so, these are: 


#1 Install A Social Media Plugin

The first method is to open the backend of your WordPress website and go to the plugin section. Search for the social media feed plugin or social media widget on the search bar. You will find multiple options shown there. You can simply select one that you find good for your website. Check the stars, features, and take a demo before you install the plugin. 

However, if you are confused with the so many options available on the website backend, you can choose a plugin from the below-given options: 

  • Taggbox Widget
  • Smash Balloon
  • Elfsight
  • Social Warfare


#2 Use Social Media Aggregator

Many WordPress website owners don’t want to add too many plugins on their website as it is hard to manage and might have security issues. So if you are also one of them, then using a social media aggregator tool is a perfect solution to add a social media widget to your WordPress website. 

Using these tools is so easy that anyone can create and embed social media widgets on their website without any need for code or technical knowledge. 

Several tools you can find on the internet that you can use depending on your budget and requirements. 

However, if that again confuses you to choose one particular tool, you can search for the tools mentioned above. 


Over To You…

Now we have come to the end of this blog, and it’s our turn to make a decision. These are the two ways using which you can easily embed social media widgets on your website. 

Let us know how this blog helped you out. Till then, enjoy your journey to search for the right social media widget tool to embed social media widgets on your WordPress website.


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