Skin Conditions That Chemical Peels Treat

Chemical peels are excellent for treating a variety of skin conditions. They can help with acne, rosacea, and even wrinkles. The procedure works by applying a chemical solution to the skin. This process removes damaged layers of the epidermis and makes way for new growth and better-looking skin below. You’ll need to wait until your face heals before you can wear make-up. If your Memphis chemical peels specialist do it correctly, this treatment should last about six months before needing another one. The best center for a chemical peel in Memphis, Tennessee, can help you solve the following common skin conditions.

Uneven Skin Tone and Texture

Chemical peels help improve the appearance of an uneven skin tone and give you a more even texture. Dark patches on your face can be caused by excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes, or age. Chemical peels are usually done in series to get the best results. 


This is another common skin condition that is treatable with chemical peels. And it’s no wonder why, as 50 to 80% of pregnant women experience it at some stage. Melasma causes dark patches on your face, usually around the eyes and mouth. The good news is that you don’t have to live with it forever. Treating it with chemical peels can help take down the pigmentation in your skin.

Acne, Congested Skin, or Rosacea

If you have acne or rosacea, chemical peels can help treat the inflammation and minimize scarring. Rough, congested skin is a significant issue for most people who have acne, and it can even affect people who don’t have breakouts. Using salicylic acid on your face will help you treat both acne and congestion with chemical peels.

Wrinkles, Scars, or Sun Damage

Even if you don’t have wrinkles now, you can still benefit from getting a chemical peel done. As you age, your skin will become thinner, and the elastin fibers in it will break down. It’s why older people get wrinkles. But if you get a chemical peel, your skin can restore its elasticity and firmness. Treating these issues with chemical peels is the best way to prevent them from appearing on your skin later in life.

Fine Lines

Dermatologists recommend a series of peels for people who have fine lines. This is because these issues are usually caused by sun damage or other environmental factors that can’t be reversible, but the effects from chemical peels should help get rid of them. And if you get a chemical peel frequently enough, you can even stop them from forming in the first place.

Large Pores

If you have issues with large pores, chemical peels can help shrink them by about 30 to 50%. Plus, the peels will give you fresh skin that has never been exposed to the environment before.


Sun exposure is to blame for hyperpigmentation. It darkens patches of your skin that are usually on your face, neck, hands, and chest. Dermatologists recommend a series of chemical peels done every four to six weeks for this skin condition.

Chemical peels can be a great way to treat skin conditions and give you the healthy, glowing skin you deserve. If your goal is to improve your appearance or eliminate pesky acne, rosacea, sun damage, or fine lines, chemical peels might be for you.


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