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As a whole, design is seen as the process of collecting ideas, and arranging them aesthetically. When implementing them, the designer follows certain guiding principles all for a specific purpose. 

Web design has the same process of creation, with the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages which the end-users can access through the Internet with a web browser.

The elements in web creation utilize many of the same key visual elements like all the other types. This includes the layout, the colors, the graphics, fonts, and the content. The layout is the arrangement of the graphic and texts. All in all, it is maintaining the balance, consistency and integrity of the design.


The color follows the site’s purpose and the clientele. With multiple colors or with simple black and white, it usually brings in the personality of the person or the brand it carries. The graphics (photos, logos, clear, icons, etc.) are placed appropriately, with the color and content, to make it user-friendly. 

With the visuals and the texts, the contents and the design work in tandem to enhance the site’s message.  Texts need to be relevant. It has to be optimized for search engines. The length is also be suitable with the relevant keyword.  


The site needs to be user-friendly if it has to be successful. The site’s architecture, the menus and the navigation tools must be created in consideration on how the users will browse and do the search. 

The rule of thumb is that the main goal is to help the user move about on the site, and efficiently finds the information they need. 


The relevant video and audio in the design itself can help the user to grasp the information in the different multi-media elements on the site. It also helps the visitor to develop the understanding easily and fast. This alone can help encourage him to stay longer in the site, spending more time than usual.

It goes without saying that the site has to be compatible with all the different browsers and the various computer systems for the simple reason of increased viewing. 

Interactive use

With today’s many technology advancements, the designers have more freedom to add movements and other innovations. This makes the design always fresh, dynamic, and professional. 

There is also the interactive design for user interface to make it a satisfying web experience for them. Interactivity allows comments and opinions. These will convert users from being simply visitors to clients with email forms and sign-ups. 


Your web site is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. You don’t have to hire for the best designs from top designer-creators. You simply need to find a design style that works for your type of business.

However, you need to invest well on a good design because your competitors might have been doing it already – having the best design. If yours look shoddy or complicated, your potential customers will definitely choose your competitor’s site over yours. 

Hypothetical questions

All in all, owners and designers make some hypothetical answers to probable hypothetical questions while they are designing and planning the web site. Most of these questions are run-of-the-mill queries, but some are important.

The answers are also as practical-minded as they can be, supplied by experienced site designers who are long in the business. Their efforts try not to deviate much from the main direct goals of the site in relation to its audience and its type of business. 

Customer potential interest

The best way to address this is to find out what your users are looking for. Once you and your designers have the clear ideas on what they want, make it accessible right away.

The content that is necessary to include does not always need to be in front and center in terms of positioning within the site. Like our sample, items that are composed of large bodies of texts or of lengthy videos are definitely not crowd-pleasers.

Maybe it may not fit in your home page, or does not even belong in your site’s other key pages. 

Avant-garde or conservative design

Your user’s taste in design can be affected by many factors ranging from their age or to their occupation, which sometimes is closely dependent or related to the products or services you are selling.

It is up to the designer to determine who the target audience is. The correct move is to make sure the web site complies with your target audience’s average tastes.

Every organization needs to have some selling points, so there is need to make use of them on a website.  Make sure, however, to find out what marketing is already doing in place and build off of it.  Consistency is always a winner even on what is considered an improvement to a brand.

Big question: Art or science?

Most designers agree that there is no cut-and-dried way of laying forth your site complete with all the requisites needed to produce an amazing masterpiece that also happens to have the best selling potential when it comes to your product and/or services. 

In the final reckoning, the question always goes down to this: are you trying to drive business or are you trying to create art?

For the objective creators, it should be a bit of both art and the science. However, for the pragmatic business owner, business should always come first.  

It is not practical to try and build something intended to please just anyone who are not inclined to purchase any merchandise from the site, beside the target audience. 

The target audience is goaded into purchasing your merchandise seeing how innovative and easy it is while at the same time his sense of aesthetics is also satisfied.

The good news, however, is that the target audience are also attracted by artistic masterwork done on the site that also helps in his decision and drives the final conversion.

The trick, maybe, is to stay as objective as possible because generating business is what matters. Another potential point is this: The look of your web design is very important to your potential clients.



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