Signs That You Should Seek Sexual Medicine Specialist

Every love relationship is built on the pillar of sexual satisfaction. Therefore, there can be numerous misunderstandings because of sexual issues between partners. Some issues are maybe caused by loss of interest or health concerns that may lower the desire to engage in intimacy with your partner. However, whatever could be ailing your sexual life, sexual medicine Los Angeles ca services will improve your condition and ensure you enjoy sex.

In addition, many partners lack awareness of sex and therefore don’t understand when they should talk to a sexual medicine specialist. Here are signs that you should seek help from a sex specialist.

1. Low-sex desire

Low-sex desire can cause profound misunderstanding, especially when your better half is sexually healthy and needs to get intimate with you often. Usually, you don’t need any expert to inform you that you have no desire for sex, as you can feel it from the inside. Many reasons, including psychological factors, medications, fatigue, or hormonal changes, typically cause it. If you find that you aren’t interested in sex as you used to, you should consult a sex specialist for diagnosis and treatments.

2. Pain during sexual intercourse

Generally, sex should leave you satisfied and pleased. However, when you find that sexual intercourse leaves you in pain, it means something isn’t right. First, you should let your partner know how you feel so you don’t worsen your condition further. If the pain recurs, it is a sign of a severe concern like ovarian cysts, endometriosis, or STDs. In such a case, you should seek help from a sexual medicine specialist instantly.

3. You’re unable to reach orgasm

Although this issue is usually connected to women, it can also affect men at some point in life. The inability to orgasm comes with several causes, including sexual inhibition, guilt, past sexual trauma, inexperience, or psychological disorders. Despite the cause, orgasm is one of the greatest pleasures of sex, and without it, sexual desire may be lower. If you are missing this critical aspect of sexual intercourse, you should seek expert help anytime soon.

4. Something feels different

Typically, our bodies change as we age, which can also change how we feel about sex and our partner. Sexual intercourse should be pleasurable, and if you feel any unpleasant or painful feelings during intimacy, you should talk to a sex specialist. Neither you nor your partner should tolerate any discomfort during sex, as it can break your relationship.

5. You suffer physiological issues

Conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or incapability to penetrate the right can make sexual intimacy challenging. Such issues will affect you as an individual and your partner since they will not enjoy intimacy to the end. If you or your partner are suffering from such conditions, you should talk to a specialist and be provided with treatments and guidance.

6. You’re depressed

Depression affects mental health and can cause sexual dysfunction like low libido, inability to orgasm, or diminished sexual arousal. Also, the inability to perform well in bed can lead to depression. Either way, you should seek help from a sex specialist to comprehend the underlying condition and provide you with treatments.

Everyone should enjoy sex without any hindrances. However, many conditions pose risks to your sexual wellness. Therefore, you should have a sexual medicine specialist in your closet, as they are instrumental in alleviating your situation. If you want to enjoy sex in the long run, you should visit a sex specialist often or when you experience any of these signs. 


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