Signs It Is Time to Visit Your Urologist

Sexual dysfunction and urinal incontinence, among other issues touching your urinary tract, can be embarrassing. Nonetheless, chronic problems can turn your life inside out, especially considering the potential pain and inconveniences caused. The worst part; such problems could signify a developing serious health threat. Visiting a urologist Los Angeles CA can help you learn more, treat, and manage the concern to avoid a more severe problem. Here are some top signs you should visit a urologist for thorough diagnosis and treatment.

Urine color

Are you worried about the changes in your urine color, especially if it seems to have blood? The usual urine color is pale yellow. It can sometimes change to brownish, pinkish, or tea color. This could indicate blood in your urine, and while it may be temporary, such as following an injury or after a vigorous workout, it may also signify a serious problem. The common serious issues associated with blood in the urine include bladder/prostate/kidney cancers, kidney stones, or balder/kidney infections.


Urination shouldn’t cause any pain. Common urination pain causes in females is urinary tract infection and prostate problems or urethritis in males. Besides this, the pain could signify health concerns, including Chlamydia, STDs, and kidney or bladder stones, to name a few. Prompt diagnosis can help spot the underlying problem and implement interventions and treatments to avoid escalation.


Poor bladder control is a common problem. Its severity ranges from minor concerns such as leaking after sneezing or coughing. In other instances, you may experience a sudden and strong urge to urinate that you may not hold to get to a toilet. Urinary incontinence can be embarrassing, especially if it impacts your daily routine. The problem could indicate concerns such as diabetes, spinal injury, brain tumor, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease, just to name a few.

Lower stomach pain

Lower stomach pain side of the back or your groin region may indicate urological issues that require prompt treatment. If left unattended, the problems can keep recurring and cause significant health issues, including kidney damage. The problems can also lead to urosepsis, premature labor, or intractable pain.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for males over 40 years. Besides age, other risk factors include diabetes, and depression, to name a few health concerns. Your sexual dysfunction could also stem from concerns like STDs, yeast infection, prostate inflammation, and kidney or bladder stones, to name a few. Urologists can run thorough diagnoses to establish if that is the case, helping you address them and enjoy better sexual functions.


Urinary tract infection (UTI) is commonly characterized by lower back pain, pain/burning sensation as you urinate, frequent urination, and blood in the urine. While the signs may all point to UTI, they may also be telltales of other concerns, including STDs.

Visiting a urologist may not be on top of your mind as you strive to stay healthy. Nonetheless, even with no symptoms, routine checks can help keep the system in top shape for years. Visit or call Atlas Men’s Clinic today for all your urological concerns.


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