Sick Visits Help You Live a Healthy Life

There are times when you or your loved ones fall sick and there is no home remedy available. You have no other choice other than to seek medical assistance. However, searching for a good facility that can care for you anytime you need help may not be easy. Nevertheless, do not worry since San Antonio sick visits are available at South Texas Family Medicine and Urgent Care Center. The specialist team is willing and able to give you the best service and ensure they have the proper diagnosis for your condition. They offer to treat various conditions to ensure you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Here is more information you need to learn about sick visits before booking an appointment.

What is a sick visit?

A sick visit is when you see your doctor due to an acute complication whose symptoms last for more than a day or weeks. Though some illness goes away without treatment, it is always necessary to seek proper diagnoses to prevent the disease from recurring. During a sick visit, you report all the symptoms of your illness to the doctor, who in turn will examine you and perform tests to find out the root cause of your symptoms, then formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

Which conditions require a sick visit?

South Texas Family Medicine and Urgent Care Center specialists diagnoses and treat a wide range of symptoms, injuries, and illnesses that include: Cough, cold, flu, Urinary tract infections (UTI), Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), Cuts and lacerations, and Bruises, Upper respiratory infections, Headaches, Earaches and infections, Diarrhea, Nausea and vomiting, Allergic reactions, Asthma attacks, Skin infections, and rashes, When you have any of these conditions and others that require a sick visit or even you have a long-lasting pain that doesn’t go away then you may be the best candidate for sick visits.

What happens during a sick visit?

The South Texas Family Medicine and Urgent Care Center specialists will conduct a physical exam during your sick visit to determine which treatment plan suits you. They also have different treatment options depending on the extent of your condition, including Antibiotics, Antiviral medications, Pain relief medications, Wound care, and Stitches. They may also recommend home care remedies, rest, and drinking fluids if the conditions are not severe.

Same-day sick visits

Depending on the nature and severity of your condition, you can decide to have a same-day sick visit after booking your appointment or schedule a specific day of your choice based on your agreement with the physician. On the same day sick visit, you will receive similar attention as you would get any other day.

People get sick and sometimes decide to ignore their illness until they become worse. When you experience any disease symptoms, you must visit your doctor immediately to avoid a last-minute emergency. Sick visits can be scheduled anytime and do not require lengthy arrangements to be effective. Whenever you or your loved ones feel sick, it is the best time to visit South Texas Family Medicine and Urgent Care Center for a thorough check-up. You can start by scheduling an online appointment or calling their office today.


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