Root Canal Therapy in Forest Hills: Here’s what to expect

If you have symptoms like severe toothache, discoloration, or an abscess in the gums, it could be a sign of extreme decay. When bacteria eat into the enamel of a tooth and trigger an infection of the pulp, you may need to go for root canal therapy. Consider visiting forest hills duo dental spa to know more. In this post, let’s discuss root canal treatments in detail.

An overview of root canal therapy

Your dentist will start with a comprehensive dental exam and will take X-rays of the impacted/affected tooth to determine whether decay or infection has impacted the pulp. Their primary concern is to save the tooth from extraction, for which they may consider root canal therapy. Common symptoms that indicate the need for root canal therapy include pain, discoloration, sensitivity to hot and cold foods, pus in the gum line, and a visible pit in the tooth.

What happens during root canal therapy?

Your dentist will clean the tooth and use a local anesthetic agent, which will be injected at the targeted site. You won’t feel any discomfort or pain during the treatment. Next, the dentist will drill a hole into the tooth to create an access opening. They will use dental files to remove the pulp, tissues, and decay from the inside of the tooth, following which they will disinfect the tooth from the inside. The empty space is filled with restorative materials. If the dentist wants to divide the entire root canal treatment into two or more appointments, they will place a temporary filling. Once the treatment is done, they will close the opening permanently and place a same-day crown. You can also get a crown two weeks after root canal therapy koiusa.

Is it necessary to get a crown after root canal therapy?

The short answer is yes. Your tooth is now empty after root canal therapy, and with pressure, it can break apart. Your dentist will place a crown to restore the shape, function, and strength of the tooth. Same-day crowns are beneficial, while in some cases, the dentist may send your bite impressions to a lab to order a crown, which can take some time.

Final word

Contrary to what many patients assume, root canal therapy is not painful and can be completed in one appointment. However, it is common to rely on multiple appointments to ensure the patient doesn’t have to sit in the dental chair for too long. Talk to your dentist about root canal therapy now detectmind!




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