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Nang delivery Melbourne is the one stop shop for all your dessert needs! From fresh and sumptuous fruit to ice creams to sorbet, to banana splits and sherbets, to even delicate pastries, Nang has it all! Whether you are looking for something sophisticated, or something casual and tasty, they’ve got it! At Nang, give an express delivery right at your door. They offer a wide range of tempting dessert flavours to tantalize your taste buds and are located in and around the Metro Melbourne Area (endon, Carlton, Ballarat, Melton, Norwood, Sandringham, Norley, St Kilda, and Hampton Roads).

Nang’s is a family owned and operated business that started in 1979 by Mr John Ong. He initially ran a small fruit and vegetable store then, after that failed, decided to branch out on his passion for dessert. With his partner, Ms Trina Nang, he launched his first restaurant Nang Oi and since then has expanded to offer an assortment of different restaurants, food outlets, and candy shops. Their Nang delivery Melbourne is one of their best sellers, and the secret to their success is their recipes. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the Nang team know exactly what it takes to make their desserts tantalizing, while still maintaining a healthy balance. Here is what they offer:

Fresh and sumptuous fruit nang

–  Fresh milk and banana and | – Creamy and tasty coconut and | – Sumptuous banana splits and sherbet, and cream pumpkins, and even – Creamy fudge dates, and cherry tomatoes, to name a few! – Premium quality ingredients that have been hand-picked and freshly prepared every time. – Convenient packaging and delivery to your doorstep. – Free delivery service on popular days of the week. – Seasonal specials and discounts on selected varieties.

– Hand-blended fruit and chocolate sauce, which is a must have. – A variety of toppings, and whipped cream. – Top options include but not limited to mango, papaya, carrot, cashew, almond, coconut, and peach. – Free delivery within Australia, and worldwide on selected locations. – Complimentary customer care services.

Nang Oi

In addition to the well-known and mouthwatering selections from Nang Oi, they also provide some more unusual ones like: Thai chicken salad, Thai peanut soup, and Thai carrot cake. While the selection of standard toppings and dip is the same at all Nang Oi locations, some are a little more exotic. For example, there is a Thai chicken salad with tangy peanut sauce that can be served with grilled vegetables. The Thai peanut soup with carrots is so soothing, it might make you forget you’re actually eating chocolate! Other specialty items such as macadamia nuts, crispy green apples, fresh cilantro, and a Thai honey-sweetened plum sauce is very tempting.

There are several other entrees available for dinner or lunch at Nang delivery, and they all have the same great taste. Chicken kebabs, grilled beef, pork, and seafood are all on the menu, along with a wide variety of side dishes and dips. Of course, the whipped cream chargers are a must, and they come in both traditional and contemporary flavors. If you have never tried them, you will want to try every single one on the menu!

Nang Oi is a dessert

Another great feature that you won’t find at all of Nang Oi is dessert. They do allow deserts on the menu, and they are of the highest quality. These include blueberry crumble cake, banana cream, chocolate eclair, chocolate fudge sponge cake, and peanut brittle. This is just a sampling of the desserts that they offer, and the list will keep growing as you try more of their recipes.


If you’re looking for a restaurant that truly offers comfort food that’s made from real ingredients, Nang Oi is it! They accept credit cards and debit cards, and their website makes it easy to order right from your home computer. You can also go to their online site and place your order, and they’ll ship your food directly to your home. Nang Oi truly offers something for everyone! You’ll never get bored, and you’ll come back again for more!


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