Reasons Why Your Wound is Taking Long to Heal

Wounds are caused by various reasons, including accidents and diseases. Wound care specialists advise people to ensure proper wound care at all times. Proper wound care will prevent further infection or prevent long-term healing. Some wounds may take longer than usual to heal. These wounds may be referred to as non-healing wounds.

 Bakersfield wound care specialists provide medical treatments for wounds. The wound care specialists will handle your wound with many precautions and guide you on the dos and don’ts when it comes to wound care. Here are some reasons why your wound is taking longer to heal.

Chronic diseases

Chronic diseases may be the reason why your wounds are taking longer to heal. Some chronic diseases are heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. Chronic conditions are linked to low immune systems. Therefore, the body’s ability to heal wounds is deficient for individuals that have chronic diseases. You should visit a wound care specialist if you have a chronic disease and your wound is taking longer to heal. The condition of the wound may worsen if you fail to seek medical treatment for the wound.

Your age

Your age may be another reason your wound is taking longer to heal. Teenagers and youths have a fast wound healing mechanism. However, people over the age of sixty have slower wound healing. The immune system of older adults is lower than young people. A lower immune system implies a lower wound healing property. You should visit a wound care specialist to provide wound treatment if you are experiencing slow wound healing because of your age. The medication provided by the wound care specialists will help the wound heal faster.

Poor Nutrition

Nutritionists advise people to have good nutrition to help fasten the wound healing process. Perhaps you are taking longer to heal because you are on a poor diet regime. A poor diet will deprive your body of the nutrients that are supposed to boost your healing properties. Therefore, you should visit a wound-healing specialist for the best nutrition advice that will help improve your wound healing capabilities.

Repeated contusion

Your wound is taking to heal because of repeated trauma in that area. You may injure the same area that has the wound without even realizing it, making it difficult to determine the reason why the wound is taking longer to heal. Trauma is terrible for a wound because it may put your wound in worse condition than it was initially.


Failure to take care of your wound is exposing your wound to infections. Wounds take longer to heal when they get infected. Many wound healing specialists advise people to get their wounds checked after a few days to prevent the wound from getting infected.

Manage your Wounds Today

You need to get treatment if your wounds are taking longer to heal. Failure to take care of your wound early enough may lead to complications that may lead to irreversible health conditions or amputations. Visit a wound care specialist today.


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