Reasons for a Total knee replacement Surgery, and the Risks for the Procedure

There is no doubt that the knee is an important body part that requires proper care. However, some complications damage a person’s need necessitating the individual to undergo total knee replacement surgery. The procedure involves the replacement of the natural knee with an artificial knee. It is recommended that you reach out to a ¬†Katy total knee replacement specialist to get the best services in town. Here are some reasons that require you to get total knee replacement surgery and the procedure’s risks.

Reasons for Getting a Total knee replacement Procedure

1. Knee Injury

Knee injuries are the most common causes of knee damage that require individuals to carry out total knee replacement injuries. Injuries fracture the knee partially or fully, causing irreversible damages. Doctors advise people that get severe knee injuries to get total knee replacement surgeries. Knee injuries are very common in sports. There are a lot of reports on basketball or football players getting injuries on the field. Players are advised to put on protective gear before playing to protect the knee. Injuries caused by car injuries or falling from high grounds can contribute to severe knee injuries that require knee replacement.

2. Gout

Gout is a type of arthritis that results in pain and swelling of joints such as the knee. Excessive pain and swelling in the knee can be solved by knee replacement. The total knee replacement surgeon will advise a gout patient to take the procedure if other total knee replacement methods have failed.

3. Abnormal bone growth

People have different genetics, which may cause disorders in the development of the body. An example of abnormal bone growth is the abnormal development of the knee. Abnormal knee development may cause difficulty in movement or even a lot of pain. The recommended procedure to treat abnormal knee development is total knee replacement surgery.

4. Hemophilia 

Hemophilia is a condition in which the blood fills to clot in the event of an injury. Failure of the blood to clot leads to internal and external bleeding. The condition can be very threatening to a person’s health and occur at the knees. Hemophilia causes internal bleeding at the knees and may lead to permanent knee damage. You will need to get total knee replacement surgery to treat the condition.

Risks of Knee Replace Total Replacement Injuries

Nerve damage may damage the nerves around the knee if you get total knee replacement surgery. The total knee replacement surgeons remove the knee and replace it with an artificial knee, and the nerves may be damaged during the process. However, the chances of experiencing nerve damage are very rare if you visit a professional total knee replacement surgeon.


Infections can occur to the knee after the surgery. Infections may occur because the artificial knee may be infected, and the surgery opens the internal organs to bacteria. Regular checkups are crucial to prevent the chances of getting infections.

Do not suffer from an injured knee or severe knee pain. The medical specialists at Integrity orthopedics are ready to perform a total knee replacement surgery to treat any condition that may have resulted in knee damage. More than one million individuals in the United States get a total knee replacement surgery which ends up successful. Book an appointment at the facility to schedule a total knee replacement surgery today.


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