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All of us know that QuickBooks offers variety of accounting features that are helping small sized businesses to mid sized businesses in their accounts management. Among which, QuickBooks bank feed is one of the popular and useful feature that help its users to match their bank transactions with QuickBooks. Bank feeds features in QuickBooks automatically download and match the transactions for every 90 days from the bank account directly. If it found any discrepancies, QuickBooks automatically generate a new report for it. Hence, this feature of bank feeds in QuickBooks Services is very helpful for its users to detect the mistakes and get the matched statement of transactions available. But many a times, users came across with Bank Feeds error in QuickBooks. There could be several reasons to it. In this article, let us understand the factors causing bank feed errors and the best methods to fix the error in QuickBooks.

Factors causing QuickBooks Bank Feed Error

A smartest way to download transactions automatically for 90 days is basically the working of bank feeds in QuickBooks Services. However, users can also download the transactions directly from web connect in case, they need the transactions for more than 90 days. Many a times, QuickBooks Bank feeds stopped working due to several factors as listed below.

  1. Retrieving Past transactions

If you are trying to download transactions older than 90 days then, there are chances you may encounter with QuickBooks Bank feeds error.

  1. Incompatibility of bank account with QuickBooks

It has been observed that QuickBooks does not support some of the bank accounts. Hence, it made difficult to access bank credentials within QuickBooks for some banks. Hence, brings such errors to occur.

  1. Difficulty in Synchronizing

Sometimes, there is a difficulty in Synchronizing data between QuickBooks and bank account. It may be due to low internet connectivity.

  1. Window operating system not supportive

When the version of window operating system that you are using is not compatible to QuickBooks. It is one of the reason for QuickBooks Bank Feeds error.

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Methods to fix QuickBooks Bank Feeds Error

Below are some quick and easy methods that you can follow to fix the QuickBooks Bank feeds error completely.

  1. Clear Cache and scan the Data

You should immediately clear the catch files once you see notification for the catch files in QuickBooks Bank Feeds. Below are easy steps to follow:

  • You should visit the bank website from your computer.

  • Now login your bank account with the user name and password as provided to you.

  • Navigate on to transactions.

  • Check if there is still any pending notification for taking action.

  • You should act on any pending notification and move further.

  • You should then sign out of the bank account.

  • Now you should visit the browser from the computer.

  • Check the browser history and clear the catch files by deleting.

  • You should delete all of the catch files from the browser history.

  • Now open the bank feeds from the QuickBooks and if you see any error, then you should move ahead for the next method.

  1. Try to login QuickBooks from incognito window

Sometimes, there is a difficulty with the browser you are using. So, you should login the QuickBooks from incognito window. Once you shift from one browser to another, most of the error gets resolved automatically.

  1. Edit and update the Bank Login details within QuickBooks.

We always recommend users to keep updating the login details within QuickBooks at regular intervals. It will help to refresh the login details and make it easy for its users to access from anywhere without any bank feed error.

  1. Disconnect and reconnect the QuickBooks Bank Feeds

You should reset the bank account in QuickBooks and find the trouble causing error. Below are some easy steps to disconnect the QuickBooks.

  • First of all, you should disconnect the bank account.

  • Now, you should open the QuickBooks software.

  • Navigate on to Banking Menu and click on to the Banking.

  • You should now select the bank account that is causing trouble.

  • You should Edit the account info by clicking on to edit option just adjacent to the bank name menu.

  • You should now mark the tick sign and disconnect the bank account.

  • Once you disconnect the bank account, you should follow the steps for reconnecting the bank account within QuickBooks.

  1. Download latest version of QuickBooks

Another best method to fix the bank feed error is to download the latest version of QuickBooks. In fact, you should keep downloading the updates of QuickBooks to enjoy its latest advanced accounting features. With this, you will never face errors like bank feed QuickBooks errors.

Conclusion: In the last, we summarize that once you reconnect the bank feeds after updating bank details in QuickBooks Services, most of the problem with bank feeds will get resolved automatically with this method. Still, if you find any difficulty in resolving the bank feed error completely then, you can call directly to take expert help who will assist you in fixing the error in the best possible manner.


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