Quick Tips and Tricks to Reduce those Hefty Freight Insurance Premiums

When it comes to investing in suitable freight truck insurance, it is certainly a hard-hitting expense for an individually owned business. With the price rates increasing for semi-truck cargo insurance plans by more than 20%, still, some situations have been a concern to the premium owners. For instance, the most common one is when those minor claims do not turn out to help the cargo companies manage overhead in any manner.

No matter how clean your drivers’ records are, the cargo insurance cost for the trucking company keeps on adding with time. Lamentably, it is one of the business expenses that a company cannot cut on. But, at the same time, it is not all gloom and doom. Still, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you minimise insurance premiums. 

Starting with the fact, where we all know that insurance providers normally consider a series of factors to evaluate whether your business is eligible for the same or not. Getting a better understanding of all the aspects can help you have an insurance plan at an affordable cost. Or else, you can make the most of an online truck insurance calculator. 

So, let’s get started with knowing the quick ways one can reduce the premiums as a business owner. 

  • Hiring Drivers with Clear Records 

As we all know that the past is the predictor of the future. Drivers with a history of violating and accidental records are more prone to the risk index. However, most insurance providers never consider this. The foremost thing you can do is have dedicated drivers who have no or minimal accidents and violations in their records. 

  • Employ Professional Drivers 

Another aspect where all the insurance providers pay attention to is the years of driving experience with all the staff members. Now, why this makes that much sense is because it is said that trained and experienced drivers know better how to deal with adverse climatic situations and other difficult circumstances. Providers favour such trucking companies more as they count you as less risky in terms of operations. This is where they will introduce you to better and affordable freight truck insurance premiums. Make sure every driver you have hired should have a minimum of 2 years of driving experience. 

  • Having a Background Check on Drivers

Drivers who constantly switch to new companies do not satisfy the ground rules of insurance providers. On the other hand, drivers who have served long periods with several companies and have a clean record are highly stable. Additionally, drivers more familiar with the specific routes and equipment acts like an add-on to this. 

  • Using Fresh Freight Trucks 

Talking about the cargo insurance cost of trucking companies, the value, condition, and age of the trucks make a big difference. Periodical installation and maintenance of the new fleet also characterises the premium prices. As experts recommend, it is much better to stick to a fresh fleet with the latest features and technologies. Well, it is a bonus! 

  • Considering the Maximum Deductible 

If you have already addressed the factors mentioned above and still look forward to decreasing the premium rates, experts suggest adjusting the policy. The key factor is to understand that a higher deductible will always lead to a lower insurance premium. However, higher upfront cost remains applicable in this situation. 


With all these tips and tricks, you also need to equally pay attention to the fact that not every insurance provider in the marketplace is the same. This is why it is important to find some time, do a bit of research, and choose a semi-truck cargo insurance provider who specialises in all the old and new models. It will not only help you get the right coverage standards, but every dollar paid will be worth it in the long run.


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