Pros and Cons of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a revolutionary invention after glasses. People who were uncomfortable with glasses or could not participate in certain activities due to wearing them, such as sports or swimming, can now do what they love without worrying about their glasses falling off. Contact lenses work exactly like traditional glasses and help you see better. 

Being able to see well is an important aspect of life. You need your vision for almost every activity you do in your daily life. People with vision problems usually go for traditional glasses, contact lenses, or laser surgery. However, if you are considering whether contact lenses are a good option, you must know their upside as well as the downside. For further consultation, speak to a brooklyn licensed optometrist

Pros and cons of contact lenses 


  • You can see and feel well. 

The biggest advantage of contact lenses is that they help you see well by correcting your vision problems. Problems like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc., can be corrected with lenses. Not only that, but you won’t have to deal with glasses sitting over your nose the whole day. You can maintain your natural appearance and still see properly. 

  • You can lead an active lifestyle. 

Contact lenses give you more flexibility and the freedom to enjoy your favorite hobbies. You can run, swim, play, go to the gym, and do other active things without worrying about your glasses falling off. If you participate in contact sports, your lenses won’t come in the way of protective gear. 

  • You will be more confident. 

While not everyone faces this issue, some people feel less confident about themselves when they are forced to wear traditional glasses. Reports say that teenagers and children feel more confident about themselves and speaking in public when they switch to lenses. 


  • It takes time to become accustomed to lenses. 

Contact lenses won’t give you the ease of use that comes with traditional glasses. Traditional glasses can be worn easily by beginners, but it takes time to learn how to wear lenses and take them out. 

  • They carry more risks. 

Contact lenses carry more risks than glasses, but most of these complications are related to hygiene and proper maintenance. Irritation, dry eye syndrome, and discomfort are common problems. The risk of serious eye infections is also high. 

  • They can easily get lost. 

One of the worst disadvantages that come with switching to contact lenses is that they can get lost easily since they are smaller in size than traditional glasses. Moreover, they are transparent. Sometimes the lenses can even pop out of your eyes during windy weather. 


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