Preparing A Party: How Much Will Your Gathering Cost?

Certain people are born show-stoppers, no question about it. A handful of people consistently throw exceptional parties, from the finest food to the greatest party playlist to the most elaborate decorations. Budgets, however, determine how fancy a party can be. The average person cannot afford to throw an event of the same scale as a millionaire – so where do you start if you don’t have that budget?

There is no need to have a huge bank account to throw a party that makes everyone talk the next day. There are a variety of events from small office gatherings to larger events like weddings that can be done on a shoestring. We have put together some suggestions and points to think about.

How Much Will You Spend?

By setting a party budget, you will know how much money you are probably going to use when buying items for the party. Spending lots of money to make the party expensive doesn’t mean that the party will be a good one, and a party on a little budget is much better than an expensive party if you plan it well.

The first step to planning a party is to think up a list of everything that’ll be needed when the day comes. Some of the items that you should consider include:

  • Costs incurred when inviting guests, like mail costs
  • If the party will not be held at home, consider the expenses of hiring a venue
  • The costs of hiring equipment (each item should be accounted for differently from the other)
  • The expenses of decorating the venue
  • Food expenses
  • Entertainment costs
  • Price of hiring staff (set-up crew, bar or catering as needed)

Next, write the approximate cost. Beside each of the item that we have mentioned above, estimate the maximum and minimum amount of cash you are probably going to spend. You need to consult first before you start to estimate the expenses. Once you have established and actioned this, take note of the actual amount you spend.

Categorise Your Party

There are many categories in which you can spend money dependent on how formal the event is, and how big you would like the part to be. For instance, a wedding budget planner will come up with big figures because they have to purchase a wedding dress, flowers, and they will also pay for transport and suit rentals. Furthermore, will your party be outside or inside? If you want your guests to stay neat, then an outside party on real turf may dirty their clothes, so you should probably consider a venue with astro turfthis could set your budget back a bit more. These are the variables to consider.

Nonetheless, if you are keen on the party budget, you won’t be disappointed when you will find out that you have thrown a cheap but perfect party.

Always Look To Save Money Where You Can

If you need an event planner, you should prepare a budget before you meet them. The budget will guide you through the process. It will also be helpful to the event planner because he will be able to plan the event knowing that you’ll afford what they suggest.

It is good to note that spending lots of money won’t necessarily make the party a successful one. You can save a lot of money by using imagination and then selecting the most suitable option. Some of the tips which will save you cash are;

  • Make the invitations and deliver them personally or use emails.
  • Use balloons and inflate them using a hired helium tank. You can use flowers from your garden instead of buying.
  • If the party is big, let it be at home.
  • Let the party be held in the evening because huge meals aren’t required.
  • Find help from friends and even borrow chairs and tables from them.

We Hope This Helped

You can still have a successful party even if you didn’t spend much money. Invest some of your money in the party instead of spending it all on the party. Party planning is the key to a successful gathering.

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