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All successful sites, in addition to great products and great content, also have great plugins. We have to do our best to attract users with the content, but the right plugins will make them stay.

With a large number of websites, there is also a large number of plugins. How to decide which plugin to choose, now that is the main question. To help you with the choice, we have compiled a list of the best plugins needed for your website to become successful.

WP Reset


WP Reset is a plugin that will do all the hard work for you. WP Reset will help you remove all the unnecessary plugins, themes, and any other tools that might slow down your website.

Main features:

  • Snapshots – Create a snapshot before plugin updates to secure your webpage if the plugin messes up your webpage.
  • Collections – This feature will help you install as many plugins as you want at once
  • Cleaning Tools – declutter your website with just one click, choose the plugins, themes, or other website aspects you want to delete.
  • Nuclear Reset – You need the right plugins for your website, but you don’t know how they will behave after installation. Experiment with plugins and after you find the right ones, start over with a clean slate in just 30 seconds by clicking on the Nuclear Reset button.
  • The Cloud – Store all the snapshots and collections in the cloud. WP Reset uses Dropbox, its own cloud, Google Drive, etc.

WP Reset’s Emergency Recovery Script

You installed a new plugin, and all of a sudden, your website stops working. A white screen of death appears, and now you don’t know what to do.

With Emergency Recovery Script, you can prevent that from happening, or if it happens, fix it. That’s right; ERS brings dead websites back to life.

Once you download and enable ERS, you will be given a link and password, which you need to store safely.

When the problem occurs, open that link and enter the password, and you’ll see all the info about your website, the problem, and ways to fix it.

ERS also can help you with login and password problems, if your core files are compromised, and so on.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode


A coming soon page is a temporary homepage that informs visitors that your website is under construction. Under maintenance pages allow the site to be repaired or improved without losing visitors. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode will help you build an audience before even launching a website.

Main features:

  • 2 million+ free images – you have a large selection of images to choose from
  • 170+ themes – themes to make your page as desirable as possible, so you’ll get your visitors to stay
  • Collect emails easily – autoresponder, CRM, webinar, and marketing software are there for you to collect visitor emails
  • SEO setup – collect data from day one and later use it in order to improve your website

WP Sticky


WP Sticky will help your page stand out by making any element sticky. You can make a sticky header, sticky menu, sticky navigation, or sticky widget. This “stickiness” will make any element or widget visible to the visitor while they scroll down the page. It’s time-saving, flexible, and easy to use.

Main features:

  • Any element can stick – Make any element sticky, whether that is a sticky menu, sticky header, sticky call-to-action, sticky banner ad, etc. WP Sticky also gives you an option to make multiple elements sticky.
  • Enable for certain screen sizes only – decide on which screen sizes you want elements to be sticky
  • Enable only on some pages – Choose on which pages you want sticky elements to show
  • Z-index – this feature helps you make elements sticky without other elements overshadowing
  • Debug Mode – It will warn you if/why your element doesn’t stick
  • Many more features

WP 301 Redirects


Bad and old links don’t have to lead to loss of traffic; WP 301 Redirects can help you with that. With his plugin, you can redirect any URL.

Main features:

  • Boost Traffic – Rather than clients hitting the 404 pages, they will be redirected to the page they originally wanted to visit
  • Take Control Over Redirects – Manage any redirection with ease.
  • Change Post URLs – your post and page URLs will be redirected safely and instantly when a change occurs.
  • Ignore Bad Traffic – Google is whitelisted, but bad bots will be redirected to 404 pages,
  • Know Exactly What’s Going On – You’ll get tools to collect data all the time, so you’ll be informed how your site and redirects are working.
  • Great Support – You’ll get fast, friendly, and top-notch support.

Simple Author Box


Simple Author Box helps you add new author boxes to posts with ease. It also lets you add guest authors and co-authors. Simple Author Box is customizable and mobile responsive.

Main features:

  • Once you add the author box, you can show the author’s name, biography, social icons, and avatar, as well
  • Customize your author box as much as you want, from style and color to size and text
  • It works great across all screen sizes (desktop, laptop, or mobile phone)
  • You can automatically or manually insert an author box
  • It has RTL and AMP support


WP Reset will not only improve your site but also ensure your site’s safety. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode will help you build an audience even before launching the website. WP Sticky will help visitors navigate through the website easily. WP 301 Redirects can redirect any broken URL for you. Simple Author Box will make sure that every author gets credited.

All these plugins combined together will surely make your website a successful one.



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