Online Running Just Got Interesting with Vingo

Vingo, the latest app for online running, is set to turn your fitness training upside down from now. On Vingo, you can go on exciting adventures, all across the world, and the best part is that you won’t even have to take a step out of your homes.

Enter the Interesting World of Vingo

Vingo offers a whole range of locations and maps in it for you to explore while you’re on your treadmill. Here’s how it works. Just install the app on your phone or your smart TV and place the screen in front of your treadmill. Select your favourite location on the app and that’s it. You’re entering the virtual world of fitness. The app is being used by countless people from across the world. From trained athletes to beginners, all of them get into the app to have their own personal world to train in. Also, it is growing up to be the best app for indoor running.

Vingo – A Versatile App

Vingo uses detailed maps and locations, all selected from across the world. Once you connect your app with your treadmill, you will notice the app automatically detecting your speed on the mill and adjusting the scenery in front of you. More than that are the interesting facts and stories about the places you jog in.

Connect Your Treadmill & Track

AS we said, you can connect the app with your treadmill easily via Bluetooth and let it track your progress. You can even make your training sessions more challenging by setting targets and goals in the app. This way the app will work-out the best possible routes for you to run on.

Connect with People

On Vingo, you can connect with people from across the world. The location you select will be shared by thousands of people, all grouped in the app through the ‘community’ feature. You can create one for yourself or even join one. You can chat with them over voice chat and find long term work-out buddies. Or, you can invite your friends and family into the app and you can all go on long jogging trips across the world. Vingo is more than an online running app, it is a shared adventure.

On the other hand, if you feel like you need a quiet run, you can always hit the mute button and run silently on a scenic route.

Create Your Own Self, the Way You Want

One of the coolest features on Vingo is your avatar, which you can create for yourself with just a selfie. You can even add outfits, work-out gear, or even your pets to your avatar while you start running. 

Your avatar is what people see on the map, so make sure you look well. You can even have a canine companion, a dog that runs with you. However, creating your self with Vingo is a little more than just the digital avatar. If you take the urgent care in your exercises, you can also create a new you, a fit and healthy you.


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