OCR Technology: Helping in Corporate Digital Transformation

Optical character recognition, commonly known as the OCR technology, is one of the most extended computer vision operations, but it does not need deep learning in some views. However, there were various versions of OCR even before deep learning.  While dealing with foreign customers, online media is mostly used. Online users demand speedy and robust solutions that save their time while providing them with the best services.

OCR Technology: Transforming Businesses by Digitizing Papers


Data digitization has become easier by extracting it from images or printed papers.  Businesses need to save their organizational records in papers and files. For example, a hospital has to keep details of patients and their staff as well. The hard data was very tough to manage and has many drawbacks.

Benefits of Digital Data – OCR Making it Happen


Cost: OCR applications save the cost for a business in many aspects – it is not limited to just hardware. Electronic devices usually cost more than paper, but if we see their data record capacity, they are far different. A flash drive can save millions of documents also taking less space while the papers have limited space to save words and sentences. Additionally, the hiring, training, and salary of data entry staff accumulate more than computerized typing. These expenses of data entry machines like keyboard, screen, and power supply end up being costlier. 


Speed: This may be the most noticeable advantage of OCR applications. Digital data collection has eliminated the different tasks like writing, analyzing, and finally distribution. Writing a 1000 word essay can take double the time compared to typing it on the computer. A normal human can have a typing speed of forty words per minute that is far more than handwriting. 

OCR addresses one of the main issues of papers, i.e. administration, papers require staff for management. 

Data Quality

OCR software not only digitizes the data collection process but also reduces the chances of errors. The automation of the file system has streamlined the auditing process. The data matching was very difficult and time-taking on the paper records. Through cutting-edge software, the data processing can be done through a single command or query. 

The paper data can’t be re-accessed if the records are mishandled or destroyed through several ways like rain or fire. The data captured through OCR technology can be copied, stored, backed up, or sent without a hassle. Additionally, the data can also be encrypted or encoded. The organizations that have sensitive data mostly sent the information in the encoded form. OCR applications improve the clarity and transparency of the recorded data.


OCR technology allows the data to be tracked, unlike the papers that do not have any history. A document in the editing tool tells when it has been altered and by whom. The visibility of data can be given to as many people at the same time. The visibility or the presentation mode has proved very helpful in corporate meetings and conferences. One piece of information can be presented to a larger number of people inside a hall or an arena just like the scoreboard of a baseball match. 

Today, businesses need to run multiple operations on computerized data. For example, the survey analysis, graphs, or reports have made the business process easier. The graph can elaborate the same piece of information in fewer words with increased quality. The reader can interpret the data in the best possible way when it is in a well-structured form. Furthermore, it is better to analyze the data extracted using the OCR app

In a Nutshell 

OCR screens the papers and converts the unstructured data into structured ones. OCR is multilingual-supported and can translate words and sentences while capturing data. The handwritten papers also having cursive scripts can also convert the data into machine editable form.


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