Missing Teeth? – Here Are 5 Reasons To Consider Prosthodontic Care

Missing one or more teeth, often due to gum disease, trauma, or tooth decay, is a prevalent concern in the U.S. While most people might assume that missing teeth are simply an aesthetic concern, if left unaddressed, they can trigger significant dental and physical health problems. Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that concentrates on designing, fabricating, and restoring a damaged or missing tooth. Dental prostheses at the dental studio of pasadena can correct anything from a single missing tooth to a complete arch; thus, improving the look of a patient’s smile. Meanwhile, continue reading to learn about the effects of missing teeth.

1. Bone Loss

In the same way that your body depends on your bone’s health, so do the teeth. A dense, robust jawbone supports the teeth by securing them in place. Besides, while chewing food, you trigger and strengthen the jawbone, just like how exercising helps you keep your muscles strong.

If your tooth is missing, bone loss can develop in the jaw as the empty space in the mouth does not have another tooth to hold and help stimulate the jawbone. With time, the jawbone deteriorates, often leading to a sunken-in appearance.

2. Higher Risk Of Health Problems

The more you delay restoring or replacing a missing tooth, the higher your likelihood of developing gum disease. This issue results from the empty space between your teeth becoming a host for plague and other bacteria.

Once bacteria easily penetrate the gum, gum disease develops. Moreover, gum disease is attributed to numerous other major health issues, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiac disease, and sometimes oral cancer powerful idea

3. Raise Your Likelihood Of Further Tooth Loss

Once you lose a tooth, it could trigger a ripple effect on the condition of your neighboring teeth. Studies indicate a heightened risk of further tooth loss in persons already having one missing tooth. This domino effect might stem from the weakened jawbone, shifting of teeth, and other associated concerns.

4. Make Your Teeth Appear Misaligned or Crowded

If you lose a tooth, this could prompt the adjacent teeth to begin shifting toward the empty space. This tooth shifting could present an additional aesthetic problem for your grin as the teeth that were originally straight get crooked, trying to cover the space.

This teeth crookedness could negatively impact your oral hygiene because as the teeth crowd, it becomes harder to brush or floss effectively. Therefore, bacteria accumulates on your teeth, resulting in gum disease.

5. Bite Problems

Teeth shifting caused by missing teeth can affect your bite. An incorrect bite could encourage bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, as well as jaw problems like a TMJ disorder. Such oral concerns can foster erosion of teeth enamel, tooth hypersensitivity, and tension headaches ailovemusic.

Many people do not recognize the significance of their teeth until they lose them. Whatever the cause of your tooth loss, you should understand that a missing tooth can cause numerous issues than what meets the eye. Therefore, it is important to consider prosthodontic care almost immediately. Depending on your unique concerns and care goals, your prosthodontist may suggest various options, including dental implants, bridges, crowns, dentures, and mouthguards. Besides addressing these health issues, a beautiful, restored smile also improves self-confidence.


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