Managing Pregnancy: Ultrasound Uses

As exciting as pregnancy is, it can also be a stressful period. This is more so for first-timers or if you have had a difficult pregnancy or a miscarriage. Managing the journey is easier with professionals by your side. They guide you on measures, from dieting, appropriate physical activities, sexual experiences, among other considerations. As you focus on your baby’s development, Madison ultrasound can help alleviate the stress about the unknown. You learn a lot about the pregnancy, a confidence booster that makes the journey more manageable. Here is a glance at pregnancy ultrasound and how it helps.

Ultrasound uses

Ultrasound during pregnancy is used in varying stages as highlighted below:

First trimester

During the first three months, pregnancy ultrasound checks where the embryo is developing. During a normal pregnancy, the embryo develops inside the womb. However, it can develop outside the uterus (typically in the fallopian tube), referred to as ectopic pregnancy. If left to grow, ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening. With the ultrasound, you also learn the number of embryos. It also helps to establish gestational age and expected due date.

Second trimester

The ultrasound’s objective during the stage is to check fetal structures development. This includes the brain, spine, limbs, and other internal organs. The test also considers the placenta, establishing its size and location. Second-trimester ultrasound checks are performed between 18-20 weeks, and at this point, you can also learn your baby’s sex.

Third trimester

The excitement is about to bear fruits as the pregnancy journey is over. You are not in the clear, though, necessitating more checks. The ultrasound, performed after 30 weeks, establishes if your baby is growing normally. It also checks the placenta, determining its location. This is essential, keeping in mind that the placenta could be blocking the cervix in some instances.

In such a situation, referred to as placenta previa, the mother and unborn baby are in danger. It could lead to severe bleeding during the pregnancy and in delivery. Premature delivery risk is also higher, requiring attention to keep the baby and the mother safe. Caesarian delivery is recommended in such situations.

For many expectant mothers, ultrasound is just another thing to mark off the calendar. It is a chance to see the unborn baby and learn the sex, making the pregnancy more exciting. However, the tests are crucial, and they are diagnostic procedures to the experts. They help keep you and the baby safe since potential issues can be spotted in time and relevant measures put in place.

The best part is that ultrasound tests are non-invasive, safe, and painless. No special preparations are necessary, and after the ultrasound, you resume your routine with no downtime. Moreover, there are no complications or risks to the baby or the mother, making ultrasound a great tool to manage pregnancy.

Your journey to bring a new life in your life is easier if you have the necessary information at your fingertips. Visit Physicians for Women – Melius & Schurr today for an ultrasound and all your pregnancy-related needs.


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