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Currently, penis enlargement surgery is one of the most popular in the field of intimate male plastic surgery. Nowadays, there are technologies that help to solve the vast majority of problems in this area, allowing a man to enjoy life, feeling strong and confident in himself. An increase in the size of the penis by surgical intervention is possible both in length – lengthening of the penis, and in width – accordingly, its thickening. These are two different techniques, differing in the technology of operations.

The most common way to enlarge the penis is now by surgical incision of the ligament that supports it. This operation is called a ligamentotomy. In this case, the penis is lengthened (depending on the individual characteristics of the patient) from 1.5 to 6 centimeters.

By deciding to undergo an operation to increase male dignity at the Seline Clinic in Turkey, you get a whole range of benefits:

  • the best plastic surgeons in the capital;
  • high-tech innovative equipment;
  • comfortable premium class rooms with restaurant meals;
  • round-the-clock medical support during hospital stay;
  • contact with the attending physician during the rehabilitation period.

After surgical lengthening of the penis, a special device, an extender, must be used for several months.

penis enlargement surgery is indicated for men who are not satisfied with the length of the penis. The indications for surgery are determined by the doctor after a conversation and examination at a face-to-face consultation.

Elongation – ligamentotomy. During the operation, the surgeon cuts off the ligaments through which the penis is attached to the pubic bones, which makes it possible to release the part of the penis inside the body. The corpus cavernosum is released to the site of the deep arteries and is fixed at the level of the trimmed supportive ligament in a new position. To prevent the ligaments from growing back together, it is necessary to wear a special device for several months – a stretcher, whose task is to perform a pulling function. Correct use of a stretcher and a high-quality operation performed by our clinic’s specialists flawlessly in Turkey make it possible to achieve the desired result.

Benefits of ligamentotomy:

  • low trauma – the operation is performed through a minimal incision in the scrotum area;
  • the urethra, neurovascular bundle, corpora cavernosa are not affected;
  • the seam is almost invisible.

Thickening – with the classic technique, fatty tissue is transplanted into the shaft of the penis from other parts of the body (it can be taken, for example, from the buttocks). Various synthetic fillers and gels are also used. This method allows you to make the penis more massive. However, the described method in some cases can lead to complications. For this reason, more modern techniques are now more often used, involving the use of special prostheses made of biocompatible synthetic materials.


  • Excessive subcutaneous fat in the intimate area
  • Dissatisfaction with the size or appearance of the penis

There are several reasons for a ligamentotomy:

  • insufficient size of the penis in a state of erection (anatomical feature);
  • Peyronie’s disease;
  • suffered injuries that led to deformation of the penis;
  • congenital underdevelopment of the genitals.

Penile enlargement plastic surgery can be performed not only for medical reasons. Often it is performed solely for aesthetic purposes, at the request of the client.

In this case, the decision on the need to lengthen the penis is made directly by the patient.

Required analyzes

Before carrying out an operation to increase the male member, you need to undergo some clinical and instrumental examinations:

  1. blood tests (biochemical and general), urine;
  2. determination of HIV antibodies, HBs-Ag, anti-HCV;
  3. RW (analysis for syphilis);
  4. blood glucose;
  5. coagulogram (assessment of the coagulation system);
  6. ECG;
  7. chest x-ray.

If the ligamentotomy is performed for medical reasons, the plastic surgeon may prescribe additional laboratory tests or consultations of “narrow” specialists. It is usually recommended to visit an endocrinologist and urologist andrologist, perform ultrasound or MRI.


Since in most cases, surgical lengthening of the penis is performed at the request of the patient for an aesthetic purpose, contraindications are of a general nature:

  • infectious and inflammatory diseases in the active phase;
  • exacerbation of sluggish chronic pathologies;
  • severe diseases of the bronchopulmonary or cardiovascular systems;
  • recent heart attack or stroke;
  • unstable angina;
  • some endocrine diseases;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • sexually transmitted infections in the acute stage.

The specific date of the operation is determined by the attending doctor after analyzing all the available data.

If you have allergic reactions to any medicinal substance or previous interventions have proceeded with specific complications – you need to warn your surgeon and anesthesiologist about this.

Also, the doctor must be informed about the presence of bad habits, addictions or systematic intake of medications. A specialist’s lack of all data on the patient’s health can cause the development of postoperative complications.

How is the operation to increase male dignity

The operation lasts 30-40 minutes and is performed using special microsurgical techniques to provide visualization of the nerves and blood vessels. The patient remains in the hospital for a day.

No suture removal is required when using absorbable sutures.

It is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse for 2 weeks after the intervention.

The result can be assessed at least several months after the operation.



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