Light it Right: Guide to creating a perfectly lit workspace

Workstation is the place where we spend a major part of our day and if it’s work from home office you are at an advantage of spending flexible working hours. Hence, the right choice of office lights plays a major role in creating a positive, stress-free environment around and negating the eyestrain or headache. 

Here is a guide to the different types of lights you can incorporate in your home office or your workspace for a perfectly lit setting.

  • Focus on what’s important with adjustable Task Light

We often overlook the important aspect of task light in our work desk or office space. A task light serves the purpose of providing a precise amount of lighting directed towards a particular surface to highlight the area you are working on. Note that when we talk about office task lighting, it usually comes in the form of desk lamps. It makes the working experience comfortable and easy on your eyes, as it reduces strain and increases focus.

For a bright, & focused illumination we recommend incorporating the use of adjustable desk lamps. Go for a desk lamp with dimmers to control the intensity of light while performing day-to-day tasks like writing, reading, or using a computer.

Pro tip: To avoid reflections & shadows place the lamp on the other side of the desk. For instance, if you write with your right hand, place the lamp on the left side of your desk.

  • Introduce Ambience Light to set the mood.

Ambient lighting is usually the first layer of lighting that sets the tone of your workspace. It diffuses the light softly into your surroundings to create a peaceful environment to work around. In ambient lighting, the illumination is uniformly distributed via ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted fixtures that direct the light downwards. It includes wall scones, pendant lights, and floor lamps that bounce light off from walls and ceiling.

Please note the sole purpose of ambience light is to increase overall illumination & diffuse undue shadows that create uneasiness to the eyes & leads to headache. It is not enough for focus-intensive tasks and that’s where the role of task light comes into play as mentioned above.

  • Add an accent Light for visual interest

Accent lighting differs from the above discussed two types of lighting. While ambient lighting is diffused throughout the space & task lighting is focused on a specific workstation. Themain motive of an accent or decorative light in office lighting is to add aesthetic appeal to your desk.

By adding so you can create a point of visual character for the viewer and a treat for your eyes as well. It adds style and drama to any space. Accent lighting, like picture lights, track lights, wall scones help you draws attention to elements you want to display, while shadowing dull areas. They can be used for showcasing wall arts, bookcase displays, or to highlight the architecture of your home.

  • Save your energy as well as environments with LED lamps

Save on energy and increase the style quotient of your work space with environment friendly LED lighting solutions. Save big on energy as well as give relief to your eyes with LED version of lighting.One more advantage that LED lamps come with is no hassle of heating! Usually halogen bulbs can get very hot and consume more electricity.

While you create your work space, we hope these tips help you choose lighting wisely that reflects your style as well highlights the feature of your space.

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