Learn more about back pain and various ways of alleviating back pain

Back pain is common, and almost everyone has experienced it at one time. Usually, after taking part in activities that require you to lift heavy items or bend a lot, you end up experiencing back pain. Back pain causes absenteeism at work because it can prevent you from working effectively. For this reason, you are supposed to seek help before your pain complicates into chronic back pain, making it challenging to participate in activities of daily living. Therefore, if you have started experiencing back pain or discomfort and seek diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Hui Kang Houston provides a solution to all your concerns. He offers various treatment options for back pain to help you be productive. Let’s learn more about the causes and back pain treatment options below.

What are the causes of back pain?

Usually, back pain can be due to a disease, injury, or tear and wear. It might also originate from damage to your ligaments, muscles, or regions of your spine. Common causes of back pain include arthritis, strained ligaments, scoliosis, kidney issues, strained muscles, bulging or ruptured discs, and osteoporosis. During your appointment, your care provider begins by evaluating your lifestyle and medical history and examines your posture to determine the cause of pain. Of importance to note is that some types of back pains are not due to a particular condition but are caused by inappropriate movements or posture.

How can back pain be treated?

In most cases, if your back pain is due to an injury or is accompanied by a fever, you should seek immediate health care. Similarly, if your pain persists, you should also visit your physician for diagnosis and prompt treatment. During your appointment, your care provider may perform x-rays to determine the cause of your pain before creating an individualized treatment plan for you. Some of the treatment options available include surgery, physical therapy, pain killers, and epidural injections. In most cases, surgery is usually the last option when other treatment options are not effective in alleviating your back pain. But if your back pain originates from certain medical conditions, taking treatments for your condition can provide pain relief.

How can you reduce back pain without using any treatment?

Generally, there are various methods you can use to alleviate pain without consulting your physician for additional treatment. Some of them include elevating your legs, taking over-the-counter medications to relieve pain, quitting smoking to promote blood flow, assuming a good posture, participating in exercises that strengthen your muscles, and sitting on chairs that offer enough support to your back. You begin experiencing back pain as you age, but there are several ways you can manage or prevent it. But if your pain persists after using any of the above methods of alleviating pain without treatment, you should consult your physician for additional treatments.

Back pain can worsen to chronic back pain, preventing you from participating effectively in your daily chores. Therefore, if you have started experiencing back pain or discomfort and seek relief or additional treatment, you can get started by calling or consulting Houston Pain Specialists today.


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