Keep Your Instagram Followers Happy – A Few Smart Tactics

Social media platforms are gaining importance with every passing day! Both people and brands resort to it. Instagram today has become an essential social media platform for most brands. It helps them to enhance their social presence, increase conversions, increase traffic to the landing pages and help to create an engaged audience. 

If you think that your Instagram presence needs some work to be done, you might want to fine-tune your strategies for getting organic followers. Then, when your audience or follower base grows, you will have more scopes to engage with your users and generate a distinct experience for them and yourself as well. 

However, keeping your Instagram followers happy is must. And often brands on Instagram struggle to keep their followers happy. Do you resonate with this? If yes, here are few ways that will ensure that your followers are happy. 

  • Get more followers

Do you know what keeps your Instagram followers happy and content? They need to know that you are a relevant account for them to follow. It means they are constantly evaluating your relevance based on your existing follower count and also checking whether your follower base is increasing or not. If the followers find that there is a drop in the follower count, they might get upset, and some might decide to unfollow you as well. 

Hence, do you have a decent follower count? If yes, then you shouldn’t get complacent about it, thinking you will get followers automatically. It would be best if you worked towards it constantly. It is essential to keep on increasing your follower count organically by following the best strategies. But at times, to keep the follower count increasing you also need to buy Instagram followers in small counts so that the increasing follower count appears believable. 

  • You need to share relevant posts regularly.

Your followers are following you on Instagram for a reason. The reason is that you understand their pain points and requirements and curate your posts accordingly. Hence, they are constantly looking forward to your posts. It means you need to ensure that you share relevant, useful, and authentic posts at infrequent intervals at a consistent speed. Some brands don’t share their posts for a long time and again plunge into a posting spree. This approach doesn’t work. If you want to keep your followers happy, you need to share your posts regularly and ensure that it has relevance. 

  • Respond to your followers

Your Instagram likes, and comment is a reflection of what your followers think about you. Your followers are proactive in sharing their likes and views on your posts. Hence, if your followers see that there is no response to their comments or queries, they get disappointed. Therefore, to keep your followers happy, you need to acknowledge their actions. You need to respond to their comments in the reply section. You can use the automated reply option for most. But if there is a specific query, you need to respond to it accordingly. 

  • React to audience comments

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform! And along with your posts, you need to share high-end images to appeal to your followers as well. Your followers might appreciate you through their comments. You might want to show your love and appreciation for them as well. Hence, you can opt-in for the “love” option available in the comments. When the followers find that a brand has reacted to their comments using the “love” option in comments, they get happy and become loyal followers of the brand as well. 

  • Share high-end images with correct captions.

Your Instagram feed, with images and content, is a form of visual entertainment for many followers. Many people like to scroll through aesthetic pictures and good content to stay inspired and motivated at the end of the day. Therefore, it is essential to offer your followers what they want and not take them for granted. So, make sure that you always share high-end images that get edited aesthetically which doesn’t ruin its natural element. Additionally, ensure that you add a good photo caption or content and choose the best selection of hashtags. It will keep your followers happy as they will know that you are working hard to provide them with quality content. 

  • Use the DM option

You will come across a few loyal followers and always like and comment on your posts. They even share your posts! Therefore, it is essential to extend your gratitude to them. Here, you can use the DM option and send them an individual message appreciating their effort to like and engage with your content constantly. It will make them feel happy and counted. You can also use the DM option to share details about discounts and other offers. It will ensure that your followers respond to it better. 

Your followers are integral to your Instagram success. Hence, it is essential to garner more followers and also keep the existing ones happy. You can use the tactics mentioned above to keep your IG followers happy.


Shanto is a professional blogger. He love to write about all latest topics. He is working as an seo expert from last 8 years.

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