Jumpsuit: profitable to buy, comfortable to wear


What top to choose for trousers? What shorts to wear with a cotton shirt? How to look trendy and not provocative at the same time? If such questions regularly visit you, then we have one answer to them, and quite unexpected! Pay attention to the jumpsuit. This item of clothing is recognized as an absolute hit of the spring-summer 2015 season. Buy jumpsuits with an additional 25% discount and be bright in any situation!

To work.

Initially, the overalls were considered exclusively work clothes. This season, the designers propose to return it to its “business” purpose, but in a completely new way. Now the jumpsuit is more than a uniform for those whose activities are related to physical labor; it is a trendy element for creating a business image. Models with long legs and shirt-cut tops will perfectly fit into any business wardrobe. Choose a green cargo jumpsuit made of noble material (thick cotton, satin), complement it with a stylish accessory or a jacket – and elegance is guaranteed! High heels will help you look more formal, while ballerinas or loafers will keep you comfortable all day long. Large bags go well with overalls, which is important for those who constantly carry documents or gadgets with them.

To the walk.

The most frequent mention of overalls can be found in articles dedicated to fashionable street looks. And this is not surprising, because it is the easiest way to go for a walk in overalls. After spending a minimum of effort on choosing clothes, pay maximum attention to your style. If you find a jumpsuit that is neutral in color and style, be sure to start experimenting with shoes, hair, makeup and accessories. In the case of overalls, it is quite difficult to overdo it with “embellishment”, unlike, for example, sets from the top and bottom, which in themselves are a noticeable combination. The most daring can combine the jumpsuit with other elements of clothing: from T-shirts and T-shirts to skirts and even sundresses! Don’t be afraid to create trendy layering.

To the beach.

If you’ve never worn a jumpsuit before, then it’s time to incorporate this piece into your vacation wardrobe. It is on vacation that it is easiest to start your fashion experiments. Moreover, overalls have a number of important advantages. So, a fashionable romper will help to maximize the beauty of the figure and focus on a perfect tan. If it is made of thin viscose fabric, then you will not even notice how little space it will take up in your luggage! A jumpsuit with wide long legs, made of light flowing material, will give comfort in hot weather while helping to protect the skin from unwanted sun exposure. Jumpsuits are easy to put on and take off – but what else do you need to go to the beach

Knitted jersey: fall fashion trends

No fall wardrobe can do without knitted jersey. Basic pullovers, soft cardigans, cozy sweaters and dresses are your main allies during the cold season. But how can you make sure that, in addition to warmth, these models could give your image a fashionable sound? Read about the main fashion news of this fall and choose from them what is right for you. With  an additional 25% discount, making it even more pleasant and easier!

  1. Geometry lesson.

Finally, the knowledge of parallel lines, diagonals and polygons will come in handy. This season, the fashionable look is based on dresses and jumpers with geometric motifs. The more colors and curves, the more fashionable – this theorem does not require proof. The main thing is to avoid excessive brightness and variegation. Pay attention to the current colors and shades of this fall: calm, noble, deep. Brighter tones can also be present, but must be balanced with neutral colors such as black, gray, or white.

  1. Sweater dress.

This season, girls are especially lucky: fashion literally requires you to dress warmly and comfortably. Therefore, you should definitely replenish your wardrobe with a sweater dress. Such a model will allow you to look very feminine, but at the same time, it will provide convenience and comfort. A knitted dress will favorably emphasize the beauty of the figure. If you want to correct its shortcomings, then pay attention to the variety of silhouettes, materials and patterns. A sweater dress can be worn not only with tights, but also with leggings and jeans, supplemented with vests and other accessories.

3. From grandmother’s chest.

Not sure where to get inspiration for your fashion look? Flip through 70s fashion magazines or watch The Office Romance movie. Pullovers and vests, which used to be knitted by hand, are now at the height of fashion. You don’t have to have a penchant for needlework to look fashionable. It is enough to remember your favorite images and find similar items on store shelves. And in any case, do not be afraid to look out of fashion: this season in clothes in the style of the 70s, you simply will not succeed!

  1. Male style.

Paradoxically, nothing emphasizes fragile femininity more than a strict masculine style, especially in its classic version. When it comes to knitted jersey, here are the things you should borrow from a men’s wardrobe: classic patterns and colors, such as argyle and other variations on the theme of checks, straight silhouettes and business combinations, for example, a pullover or a knitted vest worn with a shirt. Important: we are talking specifically about the classic masculine style, and not about unisex models. If you plan to borrow something directly from the men’s wardrobe, make sure that the thing does not seem oversized on you.

  1. Playful attitude.

If, after reading the previous paragraph, you thought that severity is not your strong point, in no case do not despair. This season is fashionable and completely opposite direction! Flirty outfits with an abundance of funny details, as if borrowed from the wardrobe of young schoolgirls, can often be seen at fashion shows. Pastel or bright, but very feminine colors, sequins, embroidery and floral patterns are all integral components of a trendy style. Cardigans and jumpers with trendy details will help you get creative and create a playful outfit.



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