Jewelry- A Valuable Possession and Obsession!

Jewelry! What are the few words that come instantly across your mind? Well, it will definitely be bright and shiny gold or diamonds! We all can agree on the fact that jewelry has been a valuable possession and obsession for some people. It is not just true for the present time but also for the ancient time.

Men and women both like to wear designer jewelry depending on their taste and choice. But if we compare, you will see a woman is more attracted to jewelry. This is good because they look more stylish and elegant in jewelry in comparison to a man.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss why jewelry is a valuable possession and obsession at the same time. Furthermore, we will discuss the common purposes of jewelry designs that make it very special and very important to be loved! However, if you are in search of some exquisite Pakistani artificial jewelry design, then Jawahar is the right place for you to visit!

Why Jewelry Is A Valuable Possession?

Anything made of gold, diamond, titanium, or any other precious stone falls under the umbrella of jewelry. It has been really valuable for ages. People who have any of the above things are considered rich and a prominent status is given to them in society. In other words, it is one of the ways to show off your wealth and your value in society.

People who possess unique jewelry designs take much pride in it. They wear it to different parties and social gatherings to show off their style statement.

Why Jewelry Is A Valuable Obsession?

Jewelry is an obsession? Yes, you heard it right! For some people and especially for women it is an obsession. They can’t consider themselves going out without wearing any kind of jewelry. Moreover, they are obsessed to an extent that they have jewelry that matches every dress present inside their wardrobe.

When going out to the office, parties, or even to meetings, they would like to wear jewelry that compliments their styles and goes with their own fashion statement.

8 Purposes of Jewelry Right From the Start

Jewelry is being made in different styles and materials. Starting from earrings, maala sets, necklaces, and much more. No matter what you are going to pick, there will be a certain purpose behind the purchase. It can be for weddings, parties, office use and the list goes on!

Now, we are going to throw light on eight different purposes of jewelry right from the start. This will include the use of jewelry in ancient times and the present time to give you a better idea about the importance of jewelry.

1- Equivalent To Currency

This might surprise you but this is true! If we look in our history, jewelry was being used in the currency form or a tool for the purpose of trading. You might have heard of the barter system in the past. In this system, people exchange goods with other goods. But when we want something valuable, gold or diamond jewelry is exchanged to get certain products. Moreover, gold jewelry is used in currency form depending on the material’s value in various cultures.

2-Status Symbol

Jewelry is definitely a symbol of status. It is very true in the present time and in the past as well. Kings and queens used to wear it to show themselves superior to others in their Kingdom. Nowadays, people who wear clothes are given importance in society and they are considered rich.

3-Wealth Security

A piece of valuable jewelry is definitely security for wealth for those who possess it. You can see it is true for the present and old times. Nowadays, people who own jewelry consider it as an investment and it is part of their assets. However, in the old-time, royal jewelry on a large scale was the source of wealth security for the entire country.

4-Functional Piece

In the past, different jewelry pieces were used for specific purposes for a decorative touch. For instance, a brooch was used for different functions. Even today, some specific designs of jewelry are only used on special occasions like weddings by people.

5-Religious Affiliation

Yes, some of the jewelry pieces also have some religious affiliation in some cultures. They might be used to represent some kind of achievement or status in a particular religion. In addition to this, it is also used to commemorate any event (religious). However, symbols like a cross also carry a specific religious meaning.

6-Fashion Statement

As said above, jewelry is a fashion statement. Most people are very selective when it comes to buying real or artificial jewelry design. They pick every important aspect in their mind. They want a perfect piece of jewelry that can go well with their outfit and can speak aloud about their fashion statement.

7-Act As Heirloom

It has been a tradition and still exists up till now. Most of the families pass on their jewelry to the next generation as an heirloom. This is done to keep families connected with their culture and not to forget their heritage.

8-New Relationships

Jewelry also acts as a representation for new relationships. Engagement rings and wedding bands are classical examples. Jewelry acts as the representation of commitment and affection to a relationship.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, now you will be aware of the key purposes of jewelry and its importance in the past and the current time. It is definitely a valuable possession and obsession for people who want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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