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The ironbark firewood is a kind of eucalyptus tree that is from the myrtle family. It is also called Mugga ironbark and is found in Queensland, New South Wales, Australia, and Victoria. You can easily find the logs for sale in these areas as these are available in abundance here. Whenever you’re all set to choose a firewood company, make sure to choose the one that makes firewood delivery in Sydney easier for you.

Here are some fascinating facts about ironbark wood that will make your decision even easier – 

  • It grows sufficiently well in the sun. 
  • It’s propagated via seed that begins to germinate at 20 degrees in just five days. 
  • It cannot sprout from the cuttings. 
  • It’s a perennial plant that survives more than 15 years in the desert. 
  • It comes from a medium-sized evergreen tree that has a broad crown with all the weeping branches. 
  • It’s extremely durable and is used for the manufacturing of furniture, cooking and various other purposes. 
  • The leaves of the tree are greyish-green, bluish-green and are lance-shaped mostly. They easily turn to bronze and never ever shed during the cold months. These are the leaves of a stable food for the koala bears. 
  • The thick bark of this tree is deeply furrowed and is full of red resins. It might be black or sometimes, dark brown. 
  • This tree also produces yellowish, pink and white feathery perfect flowers that are umbrella-shaped. These flowers are full of nectar and attract a lot of bees and birds during the winter season. 
  • The blooming period of ironbark redwood is between May to November. 
  • The fruit of the tree is a woody capsule that resembles a wine glass. 

Buy firewood box for sale

It’s always imperative to buy the correct type of firewood if you really need a burn that’s comfortable and clean. For this, you’ll have to use the fireplace in the most cost-effective manner.

  • In case your fireplace is the primary source of heating, then you must get the dry and dense wood called red ironbark for heating and burning. This firewood has a dry density, so it burns very slowly and gradually without producing any smoke. 
  • It means that you’ll not spend much money on lighting your fireplace because it’s quite quick when it comes to burning. By selecting this ironbark, you can participate very well in conserving Mother Nature.
  •  You save all the money that you used to spend on buying tons of useless firewood and the storage space that you always needed to store it. With ironbark firewood, there’s nothing like that because you’ll not need to stack up in your gallery with so many firewood pieces. 
  • It’s unlike softwood that burns very quickly even before heating up the living space which is very economical. This is one of the most sustainable solutions which keeps the rate of deforestation lower. 
  •  The cutting down of these trees has no major signs on the environment. You’ll never feel that you’re harming the surroundings with this environment. You’re never going to feel guilty about using this type of fuel anywhere. 


It’s always important for you to buy the ironbark firewood from reputable suppliers who are crystal clear about their aim of harvesting the firewood. This wood is eco-friendly and the sources behind it are also ethnic. Plus, you can also go for bulk firewood for sale or bulk firewood in NSW. 



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