Instead of using a wok, consider using a stir-fry pan

Although a wok is traditional, newer flat-bottom stir-fry pans perform better on most stoves

The wok is ancient and essential equipment in the traditional Chinese stir-frying process. It’s the one pan that maintains a Chinese Culture kitchen going properly. Not just the wok, as well as the so-called stir-fry pan, can be associated with new times. The distinction between the two tools leaves the homemade meal with little to consider when deciding, the stir-fry pan is the best choice for almost any kitchen design. The Cantonese word “wok” refers specifically to the round pan with two ear-like handles that are associated with Chinese cookery. Ancient woks were made to sit in flames up to their ears. It went swimmingly with a traditional Chinese stove, which could be a wide cylindrical rune stone or a low, table-like device with a big square hole where the wok nested within an inch of its rim. The genius of this match is that it has immediately ignited a ferocious, even heat across the entire internal layer of the wok. If we talk about stir fry pan vs wok, we prefer stir fry pan because of its quality and features.

It made the classic wok of unfinished black carbon steel. We can still find these dinosaurs in Chinese shops occasionally. Rolled steel became the metal of choice in contemporary days. Both need the cook to add an oil patina to the system to avoid rust and to keep a close eye on the patina because it wears away.

A difficulty with the traditional circular wok

The wok must perch on a ring above the gas flame or electric coil, with its upper half too far away from the light. The base of the pan heats up, but the sides stay chilly. Whereas a result, stir-frying takes a very long time, and juices are lost as the food glides instead of sears. Other than at the bottom, where the wok stays consistently hot, the coating is almost difficult to maintain. Simply put, that’s a matter of uneven ground.  If you are looking for non-stick pans you should choose a stir fry pan.

A stir-fry pan can help with a variety of issues

The biggest difference between the stir-fry pan and a standard Western side pan is the stir-fry pan’s generous flat underside couple of inches larger than previous flat-bottom kettles a depth of 3 or 4 inches. It typically has only one long, welcoming handle wooden or new-age plastic that will not get hot when cooking, and a chunky ear mostly on opposite location to allow picking up the non stick fry pan whenever it’s full simpler. It has a nonstick or anodized steel interior with an aluminum base for fast heating.

Delicious food with stir-fry pan

You also may come across so-called chef’s pans, that are like stir-fry pans in shape. If stir-frying is what you’re seeking, inspect before you buy. Make sure the pan has enough room to throw a vast quantity of food into it. Many chef’s pans are only 10 inches across, which is also not much unless you’re only cooking with one person. It’s preferable to use an 11-inch or, much better, a 12-inch pan. Make absolutely sure it’s at least 3 inches deep. Also, make sure the pan is light enough to pick up even if it is full of food. Finally, if you’re looking for a stir-fry pan, I highly suggest one with a nonstick interior.


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