Ingredients You Need to Be a Winning Gambler

Every gambler wants to be a winning gambler. Yet most refuse to do what they need to do to win. After you complete this article, you’re going to understand what it takes to become a winning gambler.

It’s a lot like a recipe where all you have to do is use the right ingredients. But I have to warn you that this recipe is going to take a lot of time and effort. You’re definitely not going to complete this recipe in a few hours and start winning hundreds and thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye. foxz168 is online best betting site to bet on football and other games.

But if you’re willing to follow the recipe, you can slowly build up your bankroll to become a profitable gambler over the long term.

  Be Willing to Learn

I can’t count the number of gamblers that I’ve met who are convinced they know everything there is to know about gambling. Yet they continue to lose over and over again.

I used to try to help these people, but I quickly found that they just weren’t willing to learn. The fact is that there are many ways to win as a gambler, but you’re never going to win until you actively make the decision to learn the best strategies and put them into practice.

You can learn how to be a winning gambler in more than one way. What most gamblers do is learn from their mistakes. This works in the long run if you keep making adjustments and learning as you go, but it takes a long time and costs a lot of money.

Another way to learn how to be a winning gambler is to learn from other people who have already figured out how to win. This is what I consider the smart way to learn. Or you can use both methods at the same time to accelerate your learning. The key is to be willing to learn in any way that you can.

 Use Smart Metrics to Compare Gambling Opportunities

Metrics are used in statistics and math, and they’re useful when you’re trying to compare more than one option. Gambling is mathematical, and there are a few gambling metrics that you must use if you want to become a winning gambler.

The three main gambling metrics you need to learn and use are house edge, return to player, and odds. I’m going to quickly explain what each of these three things is, but you need to learn as much as you can about each of them.

House Edge

House edge is a percentage that the gambling activity has in favor of the house. It’s the best way to compare two or more gambling options. An activity with a 1% house edge is better than a gambling activity with a 4% house edge. Winning gamblers know how to find opportunities with a low house edge and how to influence the house edge in their favor.

Return to Player Percentage

Return to player percentage is the other side of house edge. When you add the house edge and return percentage together, it always equals 100%. This means that the games with the highest return percentages have the lowest house edge. This is also a good way to compare gambling activities.


Odds are used in many different ways when you gamble. In a card game, the odds of something happening are based on a deck of cards. For example, you have a 4 out of 52, or 1 out of 13, chance to draw and ace from a shuffled deck of cards. Odds are important to understand because they help you determine the best strategy for gambling activities, and influence the house edge and return to player percentage.


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