Impact of COVID on Pakistan Real Estate Market

COVID-19 has had an intense effect on every sector of human influence, along with the property market. Many experts had anticipated a significant decrease in real estate prices during the early stages of the pandemic. We believe that discovered expectations were incorrect. From March to June of 2020, the COVID-19 freeze of the property market was short-lived. However, starting in July of 2020, things have changed. Although the cost of real estate has increased due to the disease outbreak, it is currently higher than it was before the outbreak. COVID-19. During the pandemic, it hit only the renting property market in Prague.

The world has come under the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, and several nations have resorted to significant measures to halt the spread. The deceleration in the global economy has been brought on by the isolation, lockdown, travel restrictions, and network difficulties. For the past several years, the property market has been on the rise, but that trend has recently changed.

COVID-19 Deadly Effects:

In every metropolitan area, the lockdown has created an opportunity for people to rethink their business plans and put them into practice. Lack of information leaves people quite uncertain, and that is very unpleasant. This is a phenomenal opportunity for the people who believe that prices will continue to drop to long-term ventures. As the popularity of housing flats and townhouses is likely to rise, the market-related people will feel Covid-19’s effect on the property sector most heavily in this segment; on the other hand, the popularity for commercial property as well as luxury houses will fall. Corporate organizations now understand how they can cut operating costs and rental prices on commercial properties by implementing the work-from-home principle. Future plans for homes will include workspace. Agricultural land & plots in developed countries will not be affected. For medium- and long-term investors, real estate can be a low-risk investment that generates acceptable returns.

How is the Property Industry impacted?

Real estate businesses top smart cities operated by diverse firms have all been affected to varying degrees by the virus. The short-term spikes in requests have affected retail and hospitality locations, while in the office environment, migration and expansion plans have also suffered because of slowdowns. National economies are in the midst of a profound stock-market crash. Likewise, real estate in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore is facing an enormous amount of destruction. Some people have decided to divest from the markets in order to find infection-free locations to establish a new home.

Decrease in Property Prices:

Even when we saw a regime change because of policy issues, the property market in Pakistan struggled in 2018. Investing in this downturn was a positive for the economy when it happened, but now with the COVID-19 epidemic, we are faced with a critical question of how much property values will fall. To find the proper answer, we should investigate the worldwide property crash that occurred in 2008, which resulted in property prices dropping nearly twenty percent around the world.

Restoration of the Real Estate Industry:

It is evident that the economic downturn of 2008, 2013, & 2018 is yet another significant obstacle in our path. Recovery from past recessions can take years, and we should equip for fluctuations in the market because of that. In the long run, restoring property prices and property markets will take more time than it has in the past. International banks can’t spring up the housing costs, which are at zero percent interest.

Post Pandemic:

A growing number of landowners are looking forward to when the catastrophe has passed. Strategic review processes seek to anticipate future property use. Real estate leaders have instead looked to futurologists, psychologists, scientists and engineers, and sociologists for solutions. It is during the height of an epidemic that a new approach is required.

To ensure sustained and long-term prosperity, it is necessary to create markets, foster opportunities, and build good governance. By studying the Dubai model, we can comprehend the importance of property investment and its impact on the economy. Realizing the current state of affairs, the Uae Government began offering ten-year work visas and retiree visas lasting five years. In the long term, an increase in longer-term residency will likely lead to a rise in real estate investment.


Very many as 50 various industries rely on Pakistan’s property market for their bottom line. The market that employs most people in the country is agriculture, but it is also the second-largest employer. Furthermore, we must not undermine the relevance of urban real estate as even those who can’t afford to move to metropolitan cities must have somewhere to live. Consumers and businesses will likely use and communicate with real estate differently due to different behavior being imposed on the industry. The real issue is which one of these modifications will stand the test of time. Fast-moving and smart players will play a key role in determining the future of players in these difficult moments, as well as the industry reimagines itself as a result of the current crisis.

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