If I Have A UTI, Should I Go To Urgent Care?

Among the most typical kinds of illness is a urinary tract infection, or UTI. Symptoms include a burning feeling when peeing, having to go to the bathroom often, and having to go right away. Antibiotics are needed to treat a UTI, so if you think you might have one, you should talk to a doctor. Urgent care centers are a great place to get treatment for a UTI if you can not see your regular doctor. This kind of illness is often taken care of in glendale san feliz urgent care centers. 

What Is A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)? 

A UTI is a bacterial illness that affects the urinary tract, which is the part of the body that drains waste and extra water. There are two ureters, two kidneys, one urethra, and a bladder in the urinary system. Most UTIs affect the urethra and bladder, and medicines are a simple way to treat them. UTIs can happen to anyone, but women are most likely to get them. 

Signs  Have A UTI

Most of the time, a UTI will cause pain, soreness, or a burning feeling when you urinate. A UTI can cause other signs and symptoms, like:

  • A strong, constant, and regular need to go to the bathroom
  • urinating often and in small amounts
  • Urine the color of clouds
  • Urine with blood in it
  • Urine with a strong or unpleasant smell
  • Pelvic pain is felt by people who have a uterus.
  • Side, lower belly, or back pain
  • sickness and/or throwing up
  • Fever

Why You Get A UTI?

Bacteria that get into the body through the bladder usually cause UTIs. Frequent sexual activity is a common cause of UTIs because the friction that happens during sexual activity can make it easier for bacteria to move through the urinary system. But age, biological sex, bowel movements, and how well you take care of yourself can also affect how likely you are to get a UTI. 

Can Urgent Care treat a UTI?

UTIs can be fixed at urgent care centers. Urgent care centers treat UTIs all the time and are well-equipped to test, diagnose, and treat this type of infection.

What You Can Expect at Urgent Care?

People often think of urgent care centers as being in the middle of emergency care and general care. When you can not get in to see your main care provider, an urgent care center can give you the same kind of care. Urgent care centers also offer high-quality medical care for problems that need to be taken care of right away but are not life-threatening. 


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