I am Relocating: whom do you need to inform??

There is a long list of organizations you must notify before you move. It’s a good idea to send them a basic letter including pertinent references and account information. Notify the post office, as well as all of the organizations and people indicated above, so that mail can be rerouted. You’ll need a form, which you may get over the phone or at a post office location. It can take up to ten days for it to take effect. Make change-of-address cards for family and acquaintances.

Inform Utility Services

Make sure all utility providers, such as water, gas, and electricity, are informed of your impending move ten days ahead of time. Request that they read the meters on the day of the move. Make a call to confirm that when it will take place. If they can’t, get a reading from with a trained electrician so you have a record. Take a snap or a date-stamper digital photograph of your meter reading.

When you move, it’s a good idea to evaluate your utility arrangements. For a fee, you can transfer your landline phone number to your new address. If you’re changing your phone number, you can request that your phone company notify callers of your new number for a few weeks after the switch-over date.

Most companies will have a particular phone number for you to call to inform them that you are moving, or you can write to them or, more commonly, use the internet to contact them. Make sure you have a receipt or proof of you notifying them, because utility providers can make mistakes, and if they do, you’ll still be responsible for the charge. In that case having a proof that you notified them will be a great help for you.

Information for the new Owner

It will be a great favor for the new owner of your property if you prepare a briefing sheet. This should include instructions on how to operate the boiler and alarm, as well as the locations of the meters, fuse box, and stopcock. You have the option of labelling all keys. Don’t forget to hand over the keys of the shed and garage, also to the window locks.

On the Day

Here is a list of all ‘things to do’ on the day you are moving

  • Have a hearty breakfast if you can, as mealtimes are likely to be disturbed today.
  • Place sheets on the floor to protect it while people come and go. Because the removals guys are likely to arrive early and work quickly, disassembling furniture and disconnecting appliances should be done before they arrive.
  • Remove the covers from the beds. Set aside the vacuum cleaner and cleaning equipment for your last-minute clean up, and read the electricity and gas meters.
  • If you have small children, leave them with whoever is looking after them until you can relocate. Do the same with any pets.
  • Zoom around the house as soon as it’s empty to do some last-minute cleaning. Leave the residence only if your legal firm tells you to, and hand the keys over to the agent.
  • If the new location feels like home, it will make it easier for the entire family to adjust. Setting aside a modest stock of photographs, other familiar objects, and, if possible, curtains is one approach to aid with this. Take these with you in your car because you will most likely arrive before the moving lorry.

Welcome to your new home

When you first move in, mark or color code each room so the movers know what goes where. Make it clear where you want any heavy furniture to go. Expect to unpack nothing but the minimum essentials: bedding and a supper (takeout is an option). Before placing anything in kitchen cupboards or shelves, you may realize that they need to be cleaned. Keep a note of all gas and electricity meter readings in case of a disagreement with the supplier. If feasible, picture the statistics or write them down and have someone witness your writing, just like you did when you left your sold property.

Your relocation services crew will be expecting a gratuity, and you’ll probably feel they’ve deserved it. Inform the foreman if there is a problem with their work. You may be asked to sign to acknowledge that the job has been performed, and if you have not yet inspected your possessions, note that they have not been inspected. This will come in handy if there is a disagreement later.

Final Words

Expect to be exhausted and disappointed because you probably haven’t seen the property empty or observed imperfections on walls hidden under furnishings. Keep a cheerful attitude and remember what it is that attracts you to the property at first.


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