Hybrid Work Model: Here Is How Leaders Can Build Trust

By now you must know about the much talked about matter after remote working; hybrid work model. The hybrid work mode basically encourages employees to spend some time in the office and work from home remotely for the rest of the days.

This working condition emerged as a leading post-pandemic strategy. Many employees wanted to continue working from home even after the pandemic, as they are more familiar with the remote working standards. Many employees did not experience the flexibility and productivity that come with remote working until the pandemic forced everyone to work from home.

Even though many people were not happy about the mega transition, at the beginning of 2021, employees managed to create an environment for efficient work from home. Not only did many employees manage to grab better high-speed internet service like Spectrum that offers Spectrum Silver package for their home but also created a workstation within their homes.

However now as the country is heading toward a stable economy and healthy state due to rising vaccination rates employees are looking forward to enabling the hybrid working model into their organizations.

Just like remote working in a time of pandemic was the quick transition employees were not aware of, the hybrid work model is also a surprise for many. Employees are not only preparing to head back to their offices but also dealing with inadequate knowledge regarding the newly established working style can cause greater distress to many.

On the other hand, the hybrid working model can be a challenge for the executives, managers, recruiters, and bosses, that will not only have to manage the present staff but also have to build trust among the new hires.

If you are part of the leadership team in an organization, you must have been making rounds of motivational speeches and talks of encouragement to prepare yourself for what is coming.

The following are some of the ways that can help you prepare yourself for the hybrid work model.

Try Balancing Individual Choice and Organizational Preference

The core challenge that comes with every new working model is to have balance and clarity. After the coronavirus outbreaks, many organizations were not prepared to submit to the demands of remote working. However, when the growing number of virus cases started emerging in the country, the organizations had no choice but to put most of their staff on work from home basis.

Even this change made it hard for employers to manage the changing working style.

Similarly, the hybrid work model can bring up similar challenges for employees and employers. For instance, the employees working in the home and then working from the office will have a difference in their performance. Therefore, having a similar measurement scale for employee performance can cause trouble in building trust in the new working culture.

On the other hand, if the appropriate amount of colleagues do not show up at the office it will sabotage the idea to bring the team to the office premises. Therefore, you need to make sure that you balance the number of people showing up in the office and people working from home.

Time to Experiment Togethe

After the whole pandemic fiasco and remote working transformation, people have unlimited thoughts and doubts about the working culture in their organization.

It seems like having to introduce another new working culture can cause anxiety in the minds of the employees. Therefore, instead of letting morale fall across your organization, you need to let them understand that we are all in this together.

Starting from the junior staff to the executives and seasoned managers, everyone needs to show their understanding encouragement in the new working model, for it to actually work out.

Have Trust in Your Team

While there is a lot that you can do to incorporate a new working culture into your organization, trust will always remain the key factor.

At the end of the day, you need to show your faith and trust in your employees to help them encourage and perform their best.


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