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Hulu is a great way to watch TV on a budget, with a massive catalog of shows. While the price is not cheap, the quality is excellent, and you can watch many popular shows without paying a dime. Check out these lists of the best TV shows on Hulu to start watching in the comfort of your home. Some of the most popular shows on Hulu include American Horror Story, a horror anthology series from FX. Each episode is a self-contained mini-series that has received multiple awards.

Hulu also offers subscribers the option to download its content, which is something other streaming services have offered for years. Users can download up to 25 titles on their account, across up to five devices, and watch them later when they have internet access. Offline viewing is available only on the ad-free plans, but there’s a growing list of original content on the service. You can even download it on your TV without a subscription.

While Hulu has an impressive library of shows, it also offers a decent selection of movies. The service updates its movie selection frequently, and it’s easy to keep up with new releases every month. It also allows for up to six user profiles in the same account, making it easy to personalize your streaming experience for everyone in the house. Each profile keeps track of what you watch, and suggests new shows that might interest you. It’s worth checking out the free trial first, but it’s definitely worth it.


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