How You Can Prevent Rosacea Flare-Up

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that starts as a patch of redness in your face before spreading further to the chin and forehead. Although this skin condition is common, that doesn’t mean that you can have flare-ups without reason. Also, you can have rosacea without knowing since the condition can go through periods without showing any signs. However, this doesn’t mean that the condition is inevitable since you can overcome it with Englewood rosacea treatment. Like many other skin problems, you can also manage and overcome rosacea regardless of its stage.

What triggers rosacea?

While rosacea is common and can affect anyone, it usually comes from genetics and mainly affects women over 30 years and with fair skin. Typically, you experience rosacea symptoms when you have an increase in blood flow on the skin’s surface. The increased blood flow can result from extreme temperatures, cosmetics, emotional stress, intense exercise, or medications that dilate your blood vessels. Let’s explore ways how you can prevent rosacea flare-ups.

1. Protect your skin from the sun

Sun exposure, even for shorter periods, can lead to rosacea flare-ups. Therefore, you should avoid direct sun exposure and wear protective wear. For instance, you can apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more daily. Talk to a dermatologist for guidance if your daily work entails sun exposure for prolonged hours. However, you can use sun-protective clothing like a wide-brimmed hat to safeguard your skin against harmful UV rays.

2. Work on relieving your stress levels

Stress is one of the leading triggers that can worsen rosacea flare-ups. You should therefore prioritize stress relief and work on managing whatever might be the cause of your stress. Avoiding everything that stresses you up will go a long way in preventing rosacea flare-ups. For ease, you can also choose meditation or yoga to manage stress.

3. Be attentive to your food choices

While not for everyone, spice foods can lead to rosacea. If you’ve been eating spicy food and you start noticing unusual skin changes, you should minimize the intake of your spicy favorites. Because dropping your menu at once can be challenging, you should consider taking a few portions of spiced food to safeguard your skin.

4. Take caution on your medications

Some specific medications or dosages can worsen your rosacea symptoms. While you shouldn’t make changes to your medications without approval from your doctor, you should consult with a specialist if you notice skin changes resulting from medications. For instance, dosages of medications for glaucoma, anxiety, hypertension, migraines, or heart problems can worsen rosacea symptoms. In such a case, your doctor can prescribe a different mediation option.

5. Take caution with skincare products and makeup

While having rosacea doesn’t necessitate that you won’t wear makeup, you should be cautious to avoid specific products that pose a danger to your skin. Heavy foundations, waterproof makeup, and fragranced lotions can also trigger rosacea. It would help if you instead opted for light, fragrance-free, liquid-based foundations for your skin’s safety.

Because your skin is the most significant part of the body when it’s affected by rosacea, it’s challenging to cope with your routine task due to low self-confidence. However, you can manage and prevent rosacea from worsening if you stay mindful of your lifestyle habits and avoid anything that can trigger rosacea. In addition, you should visit a skin specialist often for checkups and treatments if you want to stay free from rosacea for good.


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